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  1. hi mayoff, must have rosetta support, otherwise the installer wouldn't have started...an the same problem appears under the nativ OS for MacPro... ...and the binary server 10.4.7 works fine on G4 and G5 maschines using the same version of retrospect... solong arnd
  2. hi all, thanks for your sherlok-work...I hope you find a quick way to fix it...I had to bring the maschine online...using superduper for the mirroring...the tape drive is off...not very professional in the eyes of my costumer... best incremental greatings arnd
  3. hi waltr and foster, its a fw AIT2 Turbo drive - with subvolumes is the same - no duplication nor writing files; no network backups possible from clients. backing up from an other maschine ist not possible, cause the server ist behind a firewall in a dmz...so i havn't tested it, yet. same server version works fine on G4/G5 maschines even running osx 10.4.7 - it all seems to be a xeon issue. witch is even harder - i was setting back the sata2 hds to sata 1,5gb/s - same crashes no massage... i'm stuck - and i need a running solution thanx for assisstance arnd
  4. it crashes when ever retrospect starts exicution somtimes on preperation but definitly when adressing a target volume (checked it with each harddrive - 2x 250gb hitashi 2x 500gb maxtor) changed ram, changed hds, with a different machine, pretty much everyting. tried with regular system no server. console is empty, only reporting the sudden fail an programm crash. it may have to do with the sata2 driver in the system. tape drive is recognised, and eareses tapes but if its startet it imediately crashes without any reply of the system error handler. the are also no hint in the console concerning a ram-architectur fail i'm up to the point prossesor incompatability and/or sata2 thanx
  5. MacPro Xeon Server 2.66 latest Apple Software Software Edition (Universal) with Retrospect 6.1.126 crashes erery time, either on manual or automatic backups. no matter if duplication or backup to file or write to a AIT2 Turbo. Anyone experienced same problems with Xeon Macs??? thanks for ideas