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  1. I am also interested to hear the answer to this question. If 6.1 storage sets could be read it might convince me to upgrade to 9. Bernhard Pieber
  2. I want to uninstall Retrospect 6.1. I start the installer from Retro-DE-6_1_230.dmg. It starts uninstalling. When it counts down to 140 files left to uninstall it hangs. I killed the installer, emptied the trash, restarted my Mac and tried to uninstall again. It stops with 140 files left to uninstall again. What else can I do? I am currently running OS X 10.6.8 and also have Retrospect 8.2 installed. Thanks for any help. Bernhard Pieber
  3. I am trying to restore from a 6.1 backup set using the latest Retrospect Version 8.2.0 (399) on 10.6.4. I am using the German version. It is a file backup set on an external hard disk. It consists of 2 files, Jobs Archiv HD (356 GB) and Jobs Archiv HD.cat (25 MB). It was created by copying a DVD backup set consisting of 79 DVDs to a file backup set. The only information about how to do it I found was the Retrospect 8.2 Read Me. Question 1: Is there any more in depth information about this topic? I clicked the Neuerstellung (Rebuild?) button on the toolbar in the media set view and a file Jobs Archiv HD.rbf was created in the same directory. It took several hours and the file is also 356 GB. I was lucky that there was enough free space on the external hard disk. Question 2: Is there a way to avoid copying the whole information to a new file? I have much bigger backup sets and it wastes a lot of disk space. Question 3: Is there a way to have the new file created on a separate volume? I don't have disks big enough to hold twice the size of my biggest backup sets. :confused2: I now have a media set for Jobs Archiv HD. In the overview tab I see that it includes 20 backups. However, in the Backups tab I see none. I click Find but there are none. This in turn leads to the problem that I can only restore by searching for files. Question 4: How can I add the missing backups to the backup set so that I can restore from a certain point-in-time backup? Sorry for the lengthy post. I am thankful for any suggestions. With kind regards, Bernhard
  4. Hi Russ, Sorry for my rambling in the last post. You have been tremendously helpful so far. That report about optical media looks very interesting. I try to buy good media. In my case all the DVDs are from Sony. I started with DVD-Rs and switched to DVD+R when I saw EMC recommending it over DVD-R. I do not doubt optical media as such. My feeling is not that the discs itself have gotten bad but it has to do with the way it was burned. Mainly because all the discs work without problem whatsoever on the old Mac. And from my 79 DVDs, number 6 to 9, 11 to 15 and 77 don't work in the new computer. And 77 looks a little different - the new Mac shows it as Unknown instead of Deleted. Anyway, as soon as Retrospect 8 will be able to read 6.1 backup sets I will ask EMC tech support about it. Thanks again! Cheers, Bernhard
  5. Yes, I already bought the upgrade to Retrospect 8. However, I don't want to use it until it reads or imports 6.1 backup sets. I hope that happens soon. I must admit that my confidence in Retrospect is very low currently due to that incident. Both DVD drives are supported by Retrospect, still I cannot restore 12% of my archive on my new Mac! Thank god I had not yet sold my old one! Well, in my case the restore does not work. If that DVDs cannot be made to work somehow on my new Mac, how can I ever trust DVD backup sets again?
  6. Thanks for your support, Russ! It's also a big help to know someone cares! I just finished a transfer of my 79 DVD backup set into a file backup set on an external hard disk on my old computer. (It ran for 23 hours total.) There were read errors of 4 files on 2 DVDs. (Interestingly, these 2 DVDs are not part of the 10 DVDs which do not work on my new computer.) I found out which 4 files had the read errors by comparing the content of the sessions of the two backup sets. It turned out that all 4 files were also on other DVDs of the source backup set. I created a selector for those 4 files and were able to restore them from the new backup set. I was relieved. Though I am worried that there has been no verification after the transfer. How can I be sure that all the files were transferred correctly?
  7. Just for the records, I did a simple test of a transfer with the option "Merge sessions" checked. The resulting merged session in the target backup set can indeed hold multiple versions of the same file.
  8. If I marked all the other segments of the DVD backup set as missing, then did a transfer to a new DVD backup set, the resulting DVD could probably not be used as a replacement for the original DVD in the first backup set, could it? I guess you meant a transfer of the whole backup set.
  9. Thanks for your detailed answers! As for the consequences of "Merge sessions": I have only one volume in the backup set I need to transfer - it is a jobs archive. However, I have not selected the "Merge sessions" option since that seemed safer.
  10. Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions, Russ!
  11. I have some questions regarding Retrospect's transfer function: 1. Is there a verification step after a transfer? The User Guide does not say anything about this. If not, how can I be sure that every file was transferred without error? 2. According to the User Guide the "Copy Snapshots" option transfers a backup set's current snapshots to the destination catalog. Are only the snapshots currently listed in the catalog copied or also those on the backup media? In other words if I could retrieve older snapshots in backup sets snapshot tab, will I be able to retrieve those in the new backup set? 3. I don't understand the sentence "Snapshots are not copied to the destination backup set's media." in the Backup Set Transfer Options section of the User Guide. 4. I am not sure if I grasp the consequences of the "Merge sessions" option. Does it mean that if session 1 contained a version 1 of file 1 and session 2 contained version 2 of file 1 only one version of file 1 would end up in the target backup set? If yes, which one? If no, what would be a use case I could not do with the target backup set if I checked "Merge sessions"? 5. What happens if one of my 79 DVDs turns out to be unreadable during a transfer? What are my options to deal with this situation? Sorry for bothering you with so many questions. I did read the relevant sections of the User Guide several times and also all the posts I could find about the transfer function in this forum. Any answers are greatly appreciated. Cheers, Bernhard
  12. Is there a way to copy an individual segment of a DVD backup set? I tried to make a copy using Toast, Disc Utility, Carbon Copy Cloner and even Mac the Ripper. However, I did not succeed yet. I am grateful for any ideas.
  13. Is there a way to find out which files are on a certain segment of a DVD backup set? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  14. I wonder if it is really a proprietary format. If not, it might be possible to find a program that can copy it. I tried Carbon Copy Cloner and even Mac the Ripper. Neither worked. :-(
  15. Here you go: Drive Status Only the local DVD drive is there. That does not change even if I press "Search Again". Yes, it looks like this is the case. I guess you mean this - this time in English ;-) : Media Handling Preferences I only checked "Eject media". I don't see how any of these might make a difference, though. My guess is that since a TDM linked dvd drive looks like a removable media drive Retrospects proprietary DVD format is not recognised. Anyway, thanks for helping me!