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    very very slow backup

    Regardless of who owns what, we purchased a product that is not performing at reasonably-expected levels on hardware that was previously "'good enough" (8.1 is *1/16th* the speed that 6.1 was on our hardware. A sixteenth!). If they're selling it with official support for a particular platform, it better function at expected (and one would hope competitive!) levels on that platform. It straight up doesn't "work" on PPC servers. It's unusable. So when I call them on Thursday and make use of my Annual Support & Maint., what are they going to tell me? "Sorry, the PPC version is only a *fraction* of the speed of the Intel version"? If there's THAT much overhead in the new version, well, they need to find some new code monkeys. Also, am I *paying* for a year of ASM to essentially be a guinea pig for Retrospect to help EMC fix their own software? I don't like the sound of that. Clearly, there is something wrong with the software... be it client side or server side, it doesn't matter. Personally, I'm thinking it's server side, as Retro was showing 60-100MB/min backup rates with both our Mac OS X Server clients (mix of Intel and PPC), and Windows Server 2003 clients. Like I said, I'll be calling them on Thursday (possibly sooner, I'm just waiting to get a full backup completed with 6.1 before calling), and I'll post back with what comes of it. Perhaps that'll help the greater cause.
  2. markdaniel

    very very slow backup

    I'm having the exact same issue as mentioned in this thread. I just moved from 6.1 to 8.1 on an Xserve G5, running 10.5.8, backing up to an Overland LoaderXpress w/LTO2 via SCSI. With 6.1, I was achieving 1GB/minute locally and from most server client machines, but now I'm getting 60-90MB/minute... completely unacceptable, especially when our full backups, which happen over the weekends, is upwards of 4-5TB. That would take WEEKS to complete with 8.1, so needless to say I'm heading back to 6.1 for the time being (::shudder:. I'll be contacting support this week, and I'll write back with what we find (if anything!).
  3. Ok, I've got an Xserve G4 that I've configured to perform recycle backups to Week A (working with a "week a" and a "week b" rotation) with a scheduler for every other Monday, then another scheduler for every other week to perform normal backups to the same set. I've set this formula up for a ridiculous amount of servers/workstations, and it's always worked very well (we use the same on several of our servers). The problem I'm having with this particular server is that when it comes time to perform *any* Normal backups to a backup set just after Recycling that backup set, Retro backs up the entire data set again (which obviously causes "volume full" errors). I've trashed *everything* regarding Retro, including the StarupItems and preferences, doing an exhaustive search to find anything that may be related to Retrospect, then re-installing and completely re-configuring. Same prob. It almost sounds like the backup date of each file in the filesystem isn't being recorded... Any ideas?