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    Linux Client

    Wltr: I believe you are right about Retrospect being logged in as root. So dir "/" refers to everything. I haven't done a restore yet, so I haven't seen what files have been backed up. That's next. Thanks again. Ken
  2. kenITR

    Linux Client

    waltr: I can do immediate backups, but not scheduled ones. I get a 1017 error, insufficient permissions. It works if I do the backup on the Linux box as a Retrospect client, but that doesn't have the directories I need. If I do the backup as a network client, I get the 1017 error. There's the option to "login as" on the client. I've tried the SAMBA login, which is what I think it would want, but that doesn't work. The Linux user login doesn't work either. I tried changing the logon for the launcher in the Windows services, but the SAMBA logon prevents access to the WinTel computers and the system admin is the only user. Any ideas? Thanks.
  3. kenITR

    Linux Client

    waltr: Thank you SOOO much!!! Did I miss something in some documentation somewhere? Thanks again Ken
  4. Hello: I have read in these fora that users have successfully used Retrospect with Fedora. I am running Retrospect Pro 7.5 on WindowsXP and I want to backup files on a Linux Fedora Core 5 box. The client install seemed to go OK. It said that Restrospect Client had started, and I can stop and start it, but I cannot add the Linux client to the Restrospect application on the Windows machine. I get a -530 Client Not Found error. The Windows user has permissions to some directories on the Linux box and files there can be retrieved manually. Any ideas? Thanks.