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  1. Can Retrospect use tape library IBM TS3100(FC)? I've already checked on emcinsignia.com that Retrospect can use IBM TS3100. When i implemented at customer site. Retrospect can only see tape drive in Storage Devices -> Status Tab, Retrospect found tape drive but can't found autochanger, so i try to check that what's wrong? http://www.4shared.com/file/68979218/58196ada/1_online.html http://www.4shared.com/file/68979217/c8a6774b/2_online.html http://www.4shared.com/file/68979216/bfa147dd/3_online.html http://www.4shared.com/file/68979220/7defb12b/4_online.html First - I check on device manager, Windows2003 saw tape drive & autochanger. Second - I try to use NetWorker to check that it found this tape or not? Result is NetWorker found tape drive & autochanger and NetWorker can manage them. So Please help to check for me that why Retrospect can't find autochanger to use many slots to backup my customer's data.
  2. My customer has Retrospect Server and backup Client at HQ. When he go to branch and connect network via VPN and backup occur (proactive). The speed of backup is very slow. Client doesn't want to backup data via VPN. [color:red]How can i do? How can i setup (maybe router) to protect backup via VPN?[/color]
  3. How about version of windows2008? Standard/Enterprise Edition 32bits and 64bits, Can run?
  4. If i create backup set for user with password (no encryption) and user forgot it. Can i (admin) reset password?
  5. Can i install Retrospect Server on windows2008? I saw in emcinsignia at System Requirements, it told that Retrospect can install on Windows2008 but in Data Sheet, it doesn't have detail, so please tell me.
  6. If one user resign, Can I delete data from Backup Set of Retrospect that stay on disk? PS: Backup Set keep data from all users in one.
  7. Prapaporn

    BackupExec (DLO) vs Retrospect

    I know that Retrospect backup data in type of incremental file level not block level like Symantec BackupExec in DLO module. Is it make sense if customers would like to backup pst file (8GB) of every users everyday, it consumes capacity and backup times more than BackupExec do? If customer would like to backup data 400 users especially pst file, how can i do for differentiate and better than BackupExec (DLO)? PS: Now BackupExec v12 can backup data in type of incremental block level in all files, pst and nsf and version before can do (pst, nsf).
  8. Dear, I would like to know that can Retrospect do Bare Metal Restore on windows 2003 Server (IBM) that has SCSI Controller? I tested on Dell Server last year by use Retrospect 7.5.0 but it couldn't work when Symantec (System Recovery) works. Another question, If we make DR cd (.iso) from one windows 2003 Server, can we install it to another Server machine? Thank you for your help.
  9. When I use grooming, it's the error -808 (key/refnum search failed). Have you ever seen this error?Please help me. Thank you.
  10. There is no way to use only one Tape for backup data of two Servers, right? Thanks very much
  11. If we have two Retrospect Servers and we want to backup data to tape that means we must to have one tape for Server, right?
  12. I know that retrospect is unlimited clients but some presentation said that it can support not over 300 clients, so I would like to know if I want to backup 500 clients, can i use retrospect unlimited clients on Single Server? Thanks very much
  13. !!! English not my natural language. Have you ever restored feature DR with Server? I've a problem with restore feature DR on Server. Step that i do is 1. Install Windows2003 Server on Dell PowerEdge2850 with SCSI Controller (build RAID5) - It's ok. 2. After install Windows2003 Server complete. I install retrospect agent and backup system (all files) via Retrospect Server. When it complete, i use feature DR to make .iso file. 3. Reboot Dell PowerEdge2850 for reinstall by using DR (.iso file). When it boot and request SCSI, i press F6 and insert floppy disk for download driver. It's complete. After that it show screen to install windows, i delete all partitions, recreate and press Enter to install. Suddenly it try to copy files and the error has occur, the message is "Setup can't copy the file oemsetup.inf" i press Esc to pass it and it error again the file is nodev.inf and perraid. i press Esc since it copy other files (ex. retrodr.inf) and don't have error then system reboot and install windows about 35 minutes and reboot again. I think everything is ok and may startup windows because i see the screen Windows2003 Server but it doesn't that i think. When i see the screen, it reboot itself again and again. Which way should i solve it? PS : I use Retrospect7.5