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  1. Ya, that will be good if the log able to show which was the last file it scanned before getting the error.
  2. Base on my experience, doing apple software update( doing actual update or checking if any update available) may cause problem on retrospect backup, especailly on backup server. So I unchecked the auto update checking to minimize the chance the backup error.
  3. Thank you for the suggestion, I gave a few more tries and still got the small result.....
  4. My backup server is ppc 10.4.11 and the client is intel 10.4.11. Just did another 7 tries. Yup, all attempts failed on the same location Bad backup set header found (0xfffc7c08 at 101,921,496). Bad backup set header found (0xffffffff at 108,535,314). I guess the tape is dead then...
  5. Hello, My retrospect server is a G4 machine 1.5Gb Ram using Atto UL4S card and hp DAT 40 DDS tape drive. And it works fine with retrospect since retrospect version 6. A few days ago I tried to restore a file that was backed up on July 31, 2002. I have the tape and the catalog file that created by a old version of retrospect. I was able to search the file from the old catalog, but I got the following error Bad backup set header found (0xfffc7c08 at 101,921,496). I tried to rebuild the catalog from the tape and got the same error. So I put the SCSI card and the tape drive to a OS 9 machine with retrospect 5.0 and try again. The retrospect doesn't seems to recongize the tape drive. Can I copy the latest driver update and update the retrospect 5.0 like what we can do in version 6? Did retrospect changed the way they save the file during upgrade so the old tape become supportable?
  6. I afraid i dont want to take the risk of deleting wrong file and break the system. How about I skip all files that created before 2005? Will the backup server able to know the file creation date without scanning the file?
  7. This is what I am doing to backup the entire client, breaking the client in to subvolumes and back them up 1 by 1. I still dont know where is the problem at, at least it able to complete the script and backup everyone in the office. Plevin, can you check if the client stays at "In Use" status after the backup finished? The backup server never release the client. Thank you
  8. I spitted the volume into a few volumes to backup, non of the sub volume had problem. Then i removed all sub-volumes and try again. The client back to normal. Thank you for all the helps But now it looks like the retrospect is not releasing the client after the backup finish. That makes the next scheduled backup unable to process since the client is reserved. I will try again on this.
  9. - If you use as a Source a defined Subvolume on the client that doesn't have much data, are you able to back that up successfully? Just tried to defined a small subvolume and the backup finished successfully. Maybe there is a corrupted file in the machine that stop the scanning. I should use Disk Warrior to repair the disk even it is not fully support 10.5 yet. But I dont know what is the good way to locate this corrupted file, if it exists. I did experience Retrospect unable to read files that have special weird character in the file name. I will look into it. - Confirm that this machine worked fine as a client when it was on 10.4? yes, there was not hardware change. The users installed the 10.5 and the backup stop working since that point. I feel the light...
  10. - How long does the NetRetry last? It scanned around 5-6 mins then went to netry for around 4 min then the error 519 come out. - What exactly is displayed in the Operations Log for the problem attempt? 12/5/2007 3:30:48 AM: Connected to Mark Johnson’s Computer 12/5/2007 3:30:48 AM: Copying Macintosh HD on Mark Johnson’s Computer… Scanning incomplete, error 519 (network communication failed) 12/5/2007 3:45:39 AM: Connected to Mary Wong - Directly after the 519 error, can you immediately connect to the client and click on the "configure" tab? yes, I can go to "Configure", "Clients" then click on "configure", I am able to rename, change password, Sync clock
  11. Sorry, The Mac Pro that upgraded to OS 10.5.1 is the client machine. It is a Intel Quad 2.66 with 4GB RAM. The server machine is a G4 1.2G PPC machine 2GB RAM with OS 10.4.11. There are around 10 mac in our office and the Mac Pro is the only Intel machine and the rest are power pc. 1 of the power pc is in OS 10.5.1 and the rest are 10.4.11.
  12. Just finished both disk check and permission repair. Maybe I am out of luck, I still get the same error after like 3 mintues of scanning. I wondering if it is because of the Intel Chip. Please help, thank you
  13. Hi Mayoff, Yes, firewalls are off. I am able to connect to the client and do changes like rename client and clock. But when I try to backup the client, I got a net retry at the middle of the scanning and give me the 519 error. It is not the physcial cable problem because I tried to connect the cable to another machine. I dont have an extra Intel for me to make a fresh 10.5 install for testing.
  14. Hello, Anyone experience the same thing as mine? My client's Intel Mac Pro machine just updated to 10.5.1 and I start to get the error 519 during the scanning of the file. My other PPC machines are fine. I tried to reinstall the client software, restarting both client and server machine, using 6.1.138 server and 6.1.127 server, 6.1.109 client and 6.1.130 client. Is there other thing I can try to make it backup again?
  15. I have the same problem on one of my Intel G5 iMac since 3 weeks ago. The backup messed up all by sudden. Although I tried using disk utility and disk warrior, none of them able to fix the problem.