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  1. Update Amy, Starting Retrospect via a Scheduled Task using the Backup Administrator account appears to work. One last question though: why doesn't the Retrospect icon show up in the system tray when it is started this way? I have the box checked in the 'Show taskbar icon' in the Preferences options. Thanks
  2. Hi again Amy, No luck. As described in the manual, we created the Backup Administrator account on the server and changed the Security settings in the Preferences options to point to it. For now, this account was only created on the server and is not set to log on to the domain. After making the changes and recycling Retrospect, I did not log off the server, I just exited the Terminal Services session. It looks like Retrospect ended several hours later when my session timed out and it never restarted. I'm now wondering if we should add a Scheduled Task to start Retospect each day prior to when our users log into the network. Your thoughts about that would be appreciated along with anything else we may have missed. Thanks
  3. Amy, I think I may have misunderstood what type of account is required. We just added a local admin account and added that to the preferences. I think we had been under the impression earlier that an Active Directory account specific to the application needed to be created. We should see overnight whether this works or not. When in doubt RTFM!!!
  4. We are only having the problem with Proactive scripts because that is the only function we intend to use (at least for now). Sorry to be dense but I do not understand the statement: 'I set Retrospect to run as a member of the local administrator's group......". How is that done, like via the account? Also, I am not clear about how I can logoff but leave the app running in the system tray - it looks like it always wants to end. Is this a setting in the Startup options in Preferences. Thanks again
  5. Local admin means that I have admin permissions on the server where Retrospect is installed. It is on a domain. Our usage of domain admin accounts is extremely limited so it is unlikely that I will be given permission to use one. Is it your opinion though, that domain admin permissions are required as opposed to admin permissions on the Retrospect server? And no, so far as I know, a Terminal Session is not active when we expect that Retrospect should launch. Thanks for your help with this.
  6. Amy, if you are logged on, another question for you. Are you sure that the account does not need to be logged on? The reason for asking is that I set the app to run under my ID but it has not started in 3 days. I don't think it is a permissions issue because it runs just fine when I am logged on and launch it. (I am a local admin on the server where it runs and we are not backing up any other server data). So, is there a difference between having a dedicated account for the app versus using my own account? Thanks because this is getting frustrating.
  7. Thanks Amy. I think we will go ahead and set up the account and do som testing. I really hope this product gets changed to run as a service sometime soon though.
  8. Thanks Amy. One last question because we are concerned about having the user account logged on all the time (our security team objects). Are there implications to having Retrospect start every day as a scheduled task under the admin's userid?
  9. Thanks Mayoff. Still not 100% clear though. Do you have an account specific to the server for starting the app (as opposed to your userid?). The way our severs are configured, even if we just close the terminal services session, the our userid's will be logged off automatically eventually. Since Retrospect started under the userid, it will then stop and not start again until one of the admins logs back on. I totally agree that it would be best to keep it running all the time - we just don't seem to be able to make that happen.
  10. Mayoff or others, we need some advice regarding how Retrospect is launched, shutdown etc since it does not run as a service yet. When we implemented, we set it to run as the logged in user. The Launcher Service is enabled and the box is checked to Automatically Launch Retrospect. However, if the Administrator logs off the server after working with Retrospect, it does not appear to automatically launch within the hour mentioned in several posts above. What we see is that the Proactive backups do not start until the admin logs in the next day even though the monitor shows the next backup as 'asap' and the machines are online prior to the admin logging in. Is this controlled by the Look Ahead time in the Schedule panel? We currently have it set to 12 hours which I think is the default. Also, is Retrospect's advice to set up an account for it to run under rather than the account for the Adminiistrator? If that is the case, it would need to be logged into all the time which gets back to ThomasY's original post in this thread. Thanks for any guidance here because what we are seeing is that the Proactive backups only run after the Admin logs in each morning rather than being spread throughout the day.
  11. If you do not have subnet broadcasting enabled in your network, and you are trying to add via the multicast or subnet broadcast methods, you are not going to be able to see clients on subnets that are different than the one where the server resides. You can add them via IP address but you will lose them once the client acquires a new address via DHCP. At least, that's what we discovered in our recent implementation.
  12. Thank yoiu Lennart. We will be doing some testing this week to confirm.
  13. Thanks Lennart. One remaining question: so is it safe to assume then that the backup did occur successfully and it is only the compare that generated the message? (This assumes that the message(s) that were either sent or received were not included in the backup.) Thanks again!
  14. Thanks for the reply Russ. It is likely that the computer was in use but that is the case with almost all of them and we only see this message sporadically. It is possible that the file is in use because Entourage uses it but I think a different message is displayed for files that are in use - no? We are using Proactive backup and almost invariably the backups run during the business day because these are primarily laptops that go home with the users at night.
  15. Hi all, We are new Retrospect Multi-server users and use it to backup selected directories on Macintosh and Wintel PC's. We are seeing the error message below show up frequently on the Mac's but have not seen it for the Wintel platforms. Can anyone help us understand what is causing this message to be issued? Thanks 12/5/2006 3:40:50 PM: Comparing Documents on sportzm1 File "Macintosh:Users:sportz:Documents:Microsoft User Data:Office 2004 Identities:Main Identity:Database": didn't compare 12/5/2006 3:40:56 PM: 1 execution errors