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  1. David, your condescending comments aren't needed here. Martin (and others, myself included) are frustrated at this slowness, and a little venting is not out of order. I don't understand why you feel the need to carry water for Dantz - if you don't have anything positive to contribute, you aren't required to post.
  2. No, you're not the only one. Came here, searching for info on this problem. It is very frustrating! The first scan on my MBP (10.13.6), accessed from Retrospect Desktop (W10), took 14 hours. I will have to try turning ISA off. Looking forward to a real solution...
  3. cgtyoder

    Excluding OS X path in Server 7.7

    Thanks for the suggestion, but that hasn't worked either.
  4. cgtyoder

    Excluding OS X path in Server 7.7

    Scillonian, thanks for the comment. Unfortunately, on the Mac client (6.3.029), the only way to specify "Private Folder/File" is by pre- or appending the bullet character ("•") to the file/dir name. And since this is in /System/, it's off-limits to rename - that is sure to break things. I guess I'll have to experiment more.
  5. [R Single Server 7.7.620 on Windows Server 2003 Std SP2] I am having trouble specifying excluding a Mac OS X (10.9) directory in my Proactive Backup script. I want to exclude /System/Library/Caches/ (and everything beneath it), but I haven't figured out the correct Condition which works. I've tried a (Mac OS) path as above and also as "My Volume:System:Library:Caches:" (without the quotes), but to no avail. Any suggestions as to how to specify the correct path? (Yes, I realize this is setup is ancient, but what can I say - it works.)
  6. Too late to do a repair - I've already blown away the orig catalog file. I will keep trying and cross my fingers that I don't need it...
  7. Running Retrospect Single Server 7.7.620 on Win Server 2003 Standard SP2 x32. I got an error during a scheduled backup set grooming about the catalog file being damaged, so I went to recreate it. Now, 24 hours later, I get the error, "Backup Set format inconsistency (6 at 695069483)". I have done this 2 times now, but I can't complete the catalog file rebuild. Is there any hope for recoving this backup set? Attached is a screen shot of the log. Thanks for any pointers!
  8. cgtyoder

    Backup Set Format Inconsistency

    I am having the same problem here. I really hope I don't lose my whole backup set because of this! The rebuild takes 25 hours before it fails, so it's costly to test. Any one have any success with this? My env: Retrospect Single Server 7.7.620 Windows Server 2003 x32 SP2, 4GB RAM -Conrad
  9. I am running Retrospect Single Server 7.7.341 x64 on Windows Server 2008 Std x64 SP2. I am planning to upgrade the OS to Server 2008 R2. Are there any concerns/issues I should know about when upgrading wrt Retrospect? Thanks for any input.
  10. I was shown that KB article by tech support. Already following all recommendations and requirements.
  11. It was not. The chance of a file being fragmented on a disk can be rather high. Frankly, if you write software that requires a particular file be contiguous on disk, you are begging for trouble (Doesn't matter if it's "documented" or not.) Performance at the cost of basic stability is never the correct choice.
  12. Well, tech support says, "Too Bad." Gots to scrap the existing backup set and start again. Bleah. Moving on...
  13. cgtyoder

    Cannot kill retrospect.exe

    I am trying to kill it via the processes tab. Where is the kill -9 when you need it? :content:
  14. Running Retrospect Single Server 7.7.325.0 on Server 2008 Std x64 SP2. Retrospect has gotten in a state where I start it, but the GUI does not appear, but Retrospect.exe is listed in the processes list. If I attempt to end the process, it does not end. If I stop/start/restart the Retrospect Launcher service, that does not affect me being able to kill the process and restart Retrospect. Is there any way to get this working again without rebooting the server? Thanks for any assistance.