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    Error -3681 on SBS Standard

    i can do an immediate backup with no problem. everything runs fine. it's only when i have the script scheduled that i get the error. that's why i'm kind of confused at this point. i can run the script manually, works fine. schedule the script for 5 minutes later, and i get the error.
  2. legion

    Error -3681 on SBS Standard

    checked it and it's set to run as the right user. thanks for the help though.
  3. legion

    Error -3681 on SBS Standard

    i went ahead and setup the RBU account for the backup but i'm still getting the error. It's just really annoying because i can run the job manually, and it works fine. Let the script run it, and i get the error. We're not using NT backup on this machine so that isn't interferring. When you setup a scheduled script in retrospect, does that carry across all users who log onto the machine? What i'm thinking is that the script was setup and scheduled as one user and then another user setup something for the same time when they were logged in. it's a long shot but i'm grasping for anything at this point.
  4. legion

    Error -3681 on SBS Standard

    Here is a little more info from looking at my operations log. The Normal Backup begins. * Resolved container Exchange Server to 1 volumes: First Storage Group * Resolved container Exchange Mailboxes to 22 volumes: 22 mailboxes are listed here It then goes and starts copying data from a D partition i have. It's getting the error when it goes to copy the First Storage Group. Trouble reading files, error -3681 (Backup is already active) It shows as execution incomplete. Would it be possible there is some type of conflict since i'm backing up the First storage Group and the Exchange Mailboxes?
  5. I'm getting a "error -3681 Backup is already active" message whenever a scheduled job is run. The job will run clear through and get verified, but if you check the log, after it is verified, the job shows as incomplete. 7/8/2006 11:39:45 PM: Execution incomplete Total duration: 00:39:12 (00:16:32 idle/loading/preparing) this is just the end of the job FYI. if i run the same script manually, everything goes through fine and the job completes. looking for some help to get the error to go away and avoid any problems that may arise from this error. thanks in advance. Tim
  6. i'm new to the retropect package so the problem may just be my lack of use of the program. We have a Windows 2000 SBS where we are backing up roughly 12 GB of data. We are backing up to USB 2.0 connected hard drive system. The system has two 250 GB drives. Currently the backup will run for about 8 hours. The performance is at about 30 MB/min which seems kind of low. The majority of the data is user data share on the server. The Data drive if you will. The rest is an exchange system with 10 users so there is not much data from exchange. i'm just wondering if i may have somehow missed a setting somewhere that might cause this type of behavior. Thanks for any suggestions. Tim