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    Install/Uninstall errors

    I have an end user that tried removing Retrospect 7 incorrectly and now it does not show up on the computer, however, I cannot reinstall the application either. It must still see something from the program because when trying to install I get the modify/repair/remove options (none of which work). Depending on the option I choose I either get 'Internal error 2753 retrorun.exe' or 'Internal Error 2753 retfwset.exe - neither file is on the machine (that I can locate anyway). I've gone through the registry and removed all Restrospect related entries with the exception of one 'Retrospect Helper' that will not delete. So at this point I cannot reinstall the application, cannot repair or remove, nor can I locate anything else to remove that will alleviate the errors I'm receiving. Is there perhaps some other app that can truly rip out everything related to this product so I can reinstall it?
  2. woolychaser

    Recovery Issue

    Nevermind, I stumbled upon the answer. It seems I was drilling into the directory too far. Looks like the catalogue is building now.
  3. woolychaser

    Recovery Issue

    Thanks for the reply Foster. I've tried that and the problem is that when I navigate to the external drive housing the .rdb files, nothing shows up in the retrospect window. I can see the files if I navigate the drive, but going to them through retrospect shows nothing. Additionally the files are all named using numbers such as 000000001.rdb all the way through 69 or so. I can see #s 65 through 69 are his last backup on 5/29 when I browse the drive. Any other ideas?
  4. woolychaser

    Recovery Issue

    We recently deployed 60GB Store-It drives to our sales force and they have been running backups semi-regularly. I have a laptop in house now (due to a hard drive issue) along with the gentleman's store-it drive. The HDD has been replaced and a new image is on the laptop now along with the retrospect software. If I explore the store-it drive I can go through the backup set folder until I reach a bunch of .rdb files, but when I try the recovery from retrospect it is looking for backup sets with .rbf or .rbc extensions....anyone know what gives? Is there a way to make this work? I guess I don't understand why retrospect would make backup files with an extension not supported or covered by the recovery function.