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  1. I'm using Retrospect Pro 7.0. My PC has WXP service pack 2, w/ lots of hard drive space; one hard drive partition, c:\. I'm backing up to a Buffalo TeraStation network backup drive configured in RAID 5. the backup drive has tons of room left. I'm trying to eliminate a lot of duplicate files from my PC. They are placed in the Recycle Bin as they are deleted, of course. I'd like to be sure that the Retrospect backup settings I'm using (back up the computer's C:\ files to the backup drive) includes the Recycle Bin, in case I have deleted something in error. How can I determine whether Retrospect is backing up the Recycle Bin? when I open the "restore files" function in Retrospect and scan through the files I could restore, I don't see anything resembling the recycle bin. It may be there under a different name within the file directory, and I just don't recognize it. recommendations, and explanations of how Retrospect configures its backup sets, are welcome. As a temporary workaround I moved the contents of the recycle bin to a new file folder within the C drive; Retrospect happily backs up this new file folder. this is useful except that I had several subdirectories in totally different file folders with identical file names (shame on me), so this transfer process has over-written one subdirectory with the contents of the next subdirectory using the same name. I got most of the recycle bin copied, though, and have backed this up. (this empties the recycle bin, by the way.) advice welcome.