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    File mismatch errors

    I have a question about verification errors. After backing up content from my internal drive to an external firewire drive I get a bunch of errors such as the one below (with thorough verification turned on) >>An error occurred during the verification step. The MD5 digest for the file "E:\Photos\mexico photos 06\final\Wedding\Mexico2006_394.jpg" did not match, error -1129 (MD5 digest mismatch) However if I just do a media compare, then no errors. I know the two drives are good. However, I did have some file corruption several months back and had to replace my internal drive, but my external backup drive had some bad sectors. I restored as much as I could retrieve at the time. Could the thorough verification be highlighting that some of the previously restored files (from the bad drive) were corrupted or modified because of the bad sectors? If I open some of the image files that it says are a mismatch, they seem to open just fine. Thanks, Troy