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    RDB files not backed up

    We have script to back up Exchange files disk to disk which works fine. We get a number of files with RDB extentions. However when we do the weekly disk to tape backup none of these files are backed up to tape. We are running Retrospect 7.5 on a Windows 2000 Server.
  2. Hello, We are having a problem with deleting mailboxes from the Mailboxes Volume. The mailboxes we are trying to remove from the Exchange Mailboxes Volume were recently deleted from the mail server. We were told that they would automatically be removed when the backup sets were overwritten, but this has not happened. How do we remove the mailboxes that no longer exist? And is it possible to correct this problem so that in the future deleted mailboxes are automatically removed? Thanks!
  3. Agreed, a design flaw for sure. Just got bitten by this also. At the very least, when the red X icon is clicked, it should turn green and the tool tip text should change to something like "Start execution queues". A red Off button with an on/off state? You have to click the Off button to turn it on? Must be the same team that designed Microsoft's Start button to shut down your computer.
  4. KernelSoftware

    Cannot Delete Mailboxes

    I called tech support and managed to solve this. He had me unlicense the Exchange Server, restart Retrospect, and re-license it. This removed all the deleted mailboxes from the list.
  5. KernelSoftware

    Disaster Recovery CD Size

    Thanks Foster. We are going to try calling Tech Support anyways and see what they have to say. If they aren't able to give us a solution we will try creating the DR CD with a retail version of SBS 2003 Premium.
  6. Hello, When we tried to create a Disaster Recovery CD the resulting image was too large to be burned onto a CD. Is it possible to reduce the size? The server has undergone a number of OS changes and upgrades which may be the reason the image size is so bloated. It started off with Server 2000 OEM version. We then installed the SBS Standard retail version. It was then upgraded with the SBS 2003 Premium Upgrade kit. Is it possible to use a retail SBS 2003 Premium CD when creating the Disaster Recovery CD, and if so will this give us an ISO small enough to burn to a CD? If not what steps can we take to reduce the image size?
  7. KernelSoftware

    Disaster Recovery CD Size

    We need a firm answer. Can someone guarantee whether this will (or will not) work? Also, are there any reasons for the bloated image size, or possible solutions? Thanks!
  8. KernelSoftware

    Cannot Delete Mailboxes

    I ran the mailbox cleanup agent and then checked in Retrospect under Volumes. The deleted mailboxes are still listed there. Also, the purge was performed manually one day after the deletion - we did not wait for it to be done automatically after 30 days. I also tried updating the RUS but noticed no change. Any more advice?
  9. KernelSoftware

    Cannot Delete Mailboxes

    The Exchange Server and Backup Server are on the same box. I double checked to make sure the mailboxes were purged, and they were. Our logs show that the mailboxes were deleted April 18th, and purged on the 19th, so the backup sets have had plenty of time to be rewritten.
  10. This folder includes Volume Shadow Copy snapshots that generate sharing violations during backup. Can we simply skip this folder to eliminate the errors while still ensuring we can perform a disaster recovery (except for the shadow copies, of course)?
  11. No, the error only came up the one time. That script and backup set will be used again on 6-13-06. I guess we'll just watch it to see what happens.
  12. One of our customers has a Sony AIT-3 tape drive that ia having trouble reading/writing a tape: Date: 6/7/2006 (Sony AIT-3 DC, ID 2:11:0 | media: 1-Tuesday) : The tape drive is having problems reading data. No data has been lost, but there has been a reduction in the performance of the tape. Retrospect reports the tape drive has requested that the tape be retensioned: Date: 6/7/2006 (Sony AIT-3 DC, ID 2:11:0 | media: 1-Tuesday) : The tape drive has requested a retension operation. However, when I select the tape, the Retension option on the menu is not available (grayed out). How do I rentension the tape? Thanks in advance for any help. Tim
  13. Just for comparison, the customer I have been referring to in this thread was backing up 100 GB using Yosemite TapeWare in about 3 hours (including quick compare). When they moved to Retrospect, the same operation took about 4.5 hours. Perhaps the extra time Retrospect takes is justified in some fashion, but it does seem to be a slower product. One thing we did notice was that a fragmented hard drive seems to really slow down backup.
  14. Thank you for your reply. Just an FYI, the customer I referenced is already using V7.5. I'm not suggesting that Retrospect is taking too long for what it is doing, but the approach seems limited to a small number of mailboxes (about 100) if it is to complete in a reasonable time (less than 8 hours). Thank you for your description of what Retrospect does to perform the mailbox backup. Are there alternatives? For example, since you have proprietary technology for accessing the mailboxes to back them up, how about simply saving that operation for restores? I mean just backup the database during backup, which is fast, and then on restore, restore the entire database to a temporary file and use your proprietary technology to retrieve the individual mailboxes or messages from the temporary file. Since backups occur far more often than restores, personally I would rather burden the restore operation, if possible. Tim
  15. Thank you for your reply. These errors don't appear in the backup log, only the event log. The text is exactly as I pasted into the original post. The text came from email alerts, but is the same as shown in the event log. Well, that is the confusing thing. The message states the hardware requested the retension, but if the drive doesn't support the operation, why would it request it? The tape drive does have the capability to request cleaning and it was cleaned a couple weeks ago. The tape in question has only been used 2 or 3 times. The backup from the next day (6/8/2006) had no problems.
  16. One of our customers has a reasonably fast device (Sony AIT-4) which backs up their 11 GB Exchange database in 8 minutes. However, backing up Exchange's 31 mailboxes takes 2.5 hours. We've been very unhappy with the performance of this product. We've tried to address the issue, but have not found anything that speeds up the process.