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  1. Chief Technician

    Client 6.3.028 Startup Errors

    I had to use Google to find it, but I found the Applescript. Thanks for the tip.
  2. Chief Technician

    Client 6.3.028 Startup Errors

    I visited the website this morning to download the update. I swear it downloaded .028. I have since downloaded .029. How does one go about doing that? When I click the on button in the client, I don't get a prompt for setting the password like I do on a fresh client. Instead the client just says Error during startup. Thanks for responding!
  3. Hello, I have Retrospect Client v6.3.028 installed on a Mac OS X Server v10.5.8. I can launch the client app, but I cannot do anything useful with it. When I click Preferences..., nothing happens. When I click the On button, the app shows "Error during startup." When I look in the system.log file, I find these entries. -- Oct 8 10:16:26 ftp [0x0-0x48048].com.retrospect.client.cpgui[2036]: Usage: retroclient [--help] | [-setpass | -log n | -ip n] Oct 8 10:16:26 ftp [0x0-0x48048].com.retrospect.client.cpgui[2036]: First access password not set, use retroclient -setpass -- The first entry would be useful if that Terminal command worked, but for me it does not. I had these same errors with client v6.3.027, and updating to v6.3.028 did not make a difference. Any assistance is appreciated. Thanks for reading!
  4. And it happened again. Any chance that this version of Retrospect is the cause of the problem, and not the RDU file? I did NOT, I'll type that again, did NOT change the OS or install any security updates. Thanks for reading!
  5. Hello, I checked the log file this morning and found my first error 102 occurrence since updating to v6.1.230 with its included RDU. I have since regressed to the previous RDU I was using, v6.1.13.101. The server is a Mac Pro, 2 2.66GHz Dual-Core, with two (2) Pioneer DVR-112D drives, both with firmware version AC08, using OS X Server v10.5.2.
  6. Pushing the Windows .rcu file included in the .dmg for this version does not work. I tried it. Retrospect reports error 523 (which is not in the manual).
  7. If the Mac application was not tested with Windows client v7.0.112, then why is v7.0.112 listed as the download for Windows clients under Retrospect 6.1 for Macintosh? I see the word "should" in your post, but isn't EMC sending a mixed message here?
  8. Chief Technician

    Intelligence With Error Reporting

    Every time I have received this error using optical media, the use of a laser lens cleaner has not resolved the problem with the media. If I use the same physical media after a laser lens cleaning, the error 206 is still reported. For me, this is enough evidence to indicate that the error message is somewhat misleading. Besides, even if the pickup were the problem, Retrospect should detect that I am using an optical drive and display an error message that has the text "dirty pickup", not "dirty heads". Tape drives have heads, optical drives have pickups.
  9. Hello. This is not a bug in a functionality sense, yet if it can be addressed, I would appreciate it. In my time using Retrospect, I have found that if error 206 is reported (drive reported a failure: dirty heads, bad media, etc.) when using DVD-RW discs that the disc is useless and must be replaced. What I don't like is the catch-all nature of the error message. The text associated with error 206 is too vague. It's Retrospect's way of reporting "something is wrong with your media, but I don't know what kind of media you are using, so here's a list of what could be wrong". Could we get some intelligence in this error message? Is it not possible for Retrospect to realize that if I am using DVD-RW discs, and error 206 occurs, that "dirty heads" does not apply? Catch-all error messages like these may make the life of the developers easier, but it makes end users confused, especially if they are new to backup and find themselves thinking "How do I clean the heads on my SuperDrive?". Thanks for reading.
  10. Quote: yes, it can Good to know. Is this lack of functionality with RDU versions beyond logged for a fix in a future RDU release?
  11. Quote: I won't go back that far, try is the last RDU that works with the DVR-106D. Anything later will result in a device error 100 message. Can RDU v6.1.9.102 be used with Leopard?
  12. Quote: Quote: As I understand what you typed above, this means that the contents of /Applications/Retrospect would have been overwritten, correct? No. If /Applications/Retrospect/ contains a "Retrospect 6.1 Driver Update" file, running the installer will _not_ delete it. Then how does one explain the fact that the "Retrospect 6.1 Driver Update" file on the other hard drive in our server is not the same as the one that I had installed with v6.1.126? It appears to me that installing a later version of Retrospect overwrote this file, but that installing a prior version of Retrospect did NOT overwrite this file. Is that plausible? Quote: And if /Library/Preferences/Retrospect/ contains a custom optical drive configuration file, the installer will leave _that_ in place too. This is good to know, even though we do not have a custom optical drive configuration file. Quote: So it's impossible, without knowing more about your unworking install _and_ your working install to know what components (Retrospect application package, Retrospect Device Update, Retrospect device configuration file) might be at fault. The unworking install is v6.1.138 with a Retrospect 6.1 Driver Update v6.1.13.101. The working install is v6.1.126 with a Retrospect 6.1 Driver Update v6.1.9.102. Neither install has a custom Retrospect device configuration file.
  13. Quote: You can use 6.1.138 with the older RDU, and that should work okay for you. Thank you for providing that bit of information. Quote: The newest RDU doesn't work with all media types, resulting in error messages. Is this a known issue that EMC is going to address in a future RDU release, or is this the way it is?
  14. Quote: With the exception of the File System Plugin that Retrospect uses to allow Members of a CD/DVD Backup Set to mount on the Finder Desktop, Retrospect contains nothing other then the items in the /Applications/Retrospect and /Library/Preferences/Retrospect/ folders. Falling back to a previous server backup state probably was overkill. This may be true. Yet I had backups that I needed to run, and this method worked, so I went with it. Let's work under the premise that reverting to a previous server backup state wasn't necessary. What I did was install v6.1.126 over v6.1.138. As I understand what you typed above, this means that the contents of /Applications/Retrospect would have been overwritten, correct? So then either the files within /Library/Preferences/Retrospect were corrupted by the installation of v6.1.138, or the File System Plugin from v6.1.138 has issues. Where would the File System Plugin be located? If that would not cause these issues, where else should someone like myself be looking?