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    Error -540

    After an upgrade from 6.5 I'm having this same problem across five servers running ubuntu 6.06. They all worked reliably on 6.5 We're now using Retrospect 7.5.370 and client version 7.5.112 I've tried removing the retropds.xx file and restarting the client as suggested in some other thread. Is there a fix for this? It's really annoying and there does seem to be a history of this bug. Is it ok to downgrade just the clients to an earlier version that worked or will I lose some functionality?
  2. Hi, Is it possible to install/run the Retrospect client on Linux amd64-xeon? We're considering purchasing Retrospect for our Ubuntu EMT64 servers, but only if it works on amd64-xeon. Anybody know if this is possible, or not???