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  1. capun

    Copying a retrospect hard disk backup

    That is an option, but I just don't like to span backups across physical drives. I use a backup set per drive, then backup those folder to another drive (backup of a backup). And I try to keep the drives to a max of 4GB, I haven't had good luck with drives over 4GB. I am a bit paranoid after all of these years and losing data so I do multiple back-ups including offsite backups.
  2. capun

    Copying a retrospect hard disk backup

    I am creating a new back-set but it's a bit slow and it has not complete the new set yet. At the completion, does the old backup set gets deleted? If not it is safe to delete it manually and also remove the entry from the catalog? Thanks
  3. Hello I have a SSD drive and Retrospect is running out of it and also using it for its internal files. I have searched but not found a way to re-direct or change so it uses the Magnetic Hard Disk for them, For example the Instant Scan uses the SSD and does lots of writes to it. I want to minimize writes to the SSD. On the same issue, what happens if I disable Instant Scan, besides a performance hit when doing back-up is it safe to disable it? I thought it would run once, but I am finding out that it does its scan at least once a day. Thanks
  4. Hello I read the manual and did some searchs but I could not get the proper answer. I have Retrospect Pro 7.7 and have a couple of backup sets. They are set to no compression and appending the data to an external USB drive. I am down to 9% of disk space and wanted to see if I could get more space in the disk. Here's some of the questions that I have: - Is there a way to compress the current data set. - How can I remove extra back-up data without loosing some old data. For example I may have a file calle ABC-R0 in session 1, later I would have ABC-R1 in session 3. I want to keep both files backed up - I get this message if I want to set Groom (abbreviated): Do not use if this data set is used to archive data, "Save Source Snapshot Restore" option is tuned off. What does this means Thanks
  5. capun

    Compressing data sets

    Thanks for the reply. BTW, can I use WindowsXP Compression to make more room in the Hard Disk or will it screw up Restrospect?
  6. capun

    Compressing data sets

    I have searched but got no hits on this subject. Two of my backup sets are in an external hard disk that is getting full. I don't want to migrate them to a larger disk, nor span the drives. Is there a way to compress the exisiting data set backup files? Any help is appreciated. Thanks