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  1. Hello folks; I'm having trouble setting up Retrospect 15 with Backblaze B2. If I don't put in the bucket name, I can login, and then Retrospect tries to create a bucket with the name "retrospect-XXXXXX" where XXXXX is my Backblaze account ID... but I get the error: Access denied by cloud service. Bucket names must be 6 to 50 characters long and only contain upper-case letters, lowercase letters, numbers and hyphens. Any ideas? Thanks Victor
  2. Typo.... Mac BOOK Pro with 6.2.234 client is working in 10.6.1, Mac Pro with 6.3.023 client is not.
  3. Robin; My server is running OSXS 10.5.8 on a G5 Quad 2.5 GHz, clients are Mac Pro Quad Core 2.66 (10.6.1) and new 17" MacBook Pro (10.6.1). Mac Pro client is 6.3.023 (and has the "error during startup" message, Mac Pro is running client 6.2.234 and seems to work.
  4. My backup server runs 10.5.8 server, client is Mac Pro, 10.6.1. Retrospect Client 6.3.023 always says "Error during startup" if I try to turn it on. Please help!
  5. OK, well please make sure the FTP function stays in Retrospect X for Mac! Thanks Victor
  6. Hey Everyone; Last year some folks helped me overcome the 32,767 maximum FTP data segments of Retrospect 6.1.138 on the Mac/ No, I must venture - for a client, to accomplish the same task on Windows - in Retrospect Multi Server 7.5. On the Mac I ended up using Rezilla to make my minimum segment size 128 MB. Now, how do I do this on Windows? The client is running Windows Sefver 2000, and bear in mind, I don't know a darn thing about Windows. Any help is appreciated! Thanks Victor
  7. Hi; This is an ongoing problem with Mac OS X 10.1.3 and Retrospect 5. It is probably Apple's fault and not Dantz, but perhaps Dantz can kick Apple's butt a bit on this one. The following came from Dantz's Eric Ullman on the Retrospect discussion listserver....still with no solution. Apparently Sony AIT tape mechanisms (pretty much THE AIT vendor) are incompatible with OS X 10.1.3 and, as I have experienced, give kernel panics on booth on either my Dual 800 or Dual GHz. I've tried this with both Adaptec 39160 and ATTO UL3D SCSI cards. This is BAD. The drive must be unplugged to boot up OS X sucessfully, so in otherwords, my $2,500+ AIT-2 mechanism is now useless. Personally I don't want to boot into OS 9 to run backups (and of course, I won't be able to backup my OS X and OS X Server systems). Adaptec Kernel Panic (Warning, large hi-res JPEG's) http://victor.orly.com/Adaptec-KP.jpg ATTO Kernel Panic http://victor.orly.com/ATTO-KP.jpg Now with this Sony AIT incompatibility - where is the problem, Apple's SCSI drivers or within the AIT mechanism itself? I tend to say Apple's SCSI drivers. >Supported Adapters Notes >------------------- ------------------------------------------------ >Adaptec >PowerDomain 29160 Sony AIT tape drives and libraries incompatible. <------ BAD >PowerDomain 29160N System hang when wide tape drives are connected. >PowerDomain 39160 >PowerDomain 2930U >SCSI Card 2906