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  1. Hello we have more than 200 retrospect clients, and new corporate policies must be implemented, one of them is to change all netbios computer name, if i change via active directory all the computer name order by phisical location owner and type of pc like this example "build1-joe-pc" what is the procedure to refresh the new names on the retrospect database client description. Thank you Maynor
  2. the clients were loged-in in multicast mode, What i need to do is reflect the same netbios name recently aplied to all the computers via Active Directory, to my retrospect database. i mean that when retrospect was installed at the firt time, the computer were added automatically because i used private-public key procedure. do i need to delete all the of them in the retrospect database? do i need to reinstall all the retrospect client after the new netbios name was set? why if i change manually the name of computer in retrospect, after delete the client in the retrospect database, in a few minuts the same name is added again. and the new netbios previosly set by active directory never is showed up Thank you Maynor
  3. include action for doing something else: by example, something like this "when finished this script" "if error, then run script: ____________" "ir successfully run script: ___________" "if error send notification email to: ___________" " if successfully send notification email to: ___________" "stop all execution" "exit retrospect" etc.
  4. i just want to be prepared when a backup set gets full, so i just want an other backup set name to be prepared (empty with space available) to continue the same or other backup script. thanks
  5. atravesde

    Retrospect crash - help

    ok i will do that, at the customer site, and see how it works. thanks to you Mayoff Maynor
  6. i am having this error please any idea what to do everything was going good about 4 months until yesterday, when this error display thank you very much
  7. atravesde

    Retrospect crash - help

    i understand that. But the problem is that the error occur in a customer server. just to confirm. what happend if i restore and old config dat or bak file, where since the modification date the customer add 100 clients, make 20 schedule scripts, and 10 proactive backups. create 30 containers client, define 100 subvolumes. the answer is do i have to repeat and define all these setings to be at the actual retrospect Settings state? thank you again Maynor
  8. atravesde

    Retrospect crash - help

    i already did that, i use the config.bak and the same problem, then i reinstall the application (same build, in the modify option) and it works about just 1 day. Now the error comes again. We dont know what to do, cause when i try to access an option, the assertion failure comes then the retrospect quits. the other option is to replace the spanish version (latest 387) with the 508 but there is only english version. what else can i try? thank you Maynor
  9. Hello Mayoff do you think that engineering users is going in the future adopt new technology like deduplication, have you hear about that any coments? some question doing backup via wan, what can i spect if i use retrospect, any experience thanks Maynor
  10. Encryption software - RETRO MULTI 7.5 387 client - any experience with PGP or Utimaco hello any one had used encryption software from PGP OR UTIMACO, from client side, and a retrospect backup software client at the same time, windows or macs any idea how retrospect backs up the info please someone answer thank you Maynor
  11. hello any one had used encryption software from PGP OR UTIMACO, from client side, and a retrospect backup software client at the same time, windows or macs any idea how retrospect backs up the info please someone answer thank you Maynor
  12. Does any one have some test backups when data on clients is encrypted with a product called SafeGuard of Utimaco company, how the restore could be happend, could be any problem? Thank you Maynor
  13. please hello here i am again any body has this problem solved, i know that tcp and upd port 497 must be open on the windows server how about the mac client how to check this, any way doing a ping? any way doing what listening port is open? open what way, inbound or outbound? i think that the message "you have not been backed up since ..." comes because there is no comunication to the server, but, why there is a backup every day, how to reset preferences on a mac thanks you Maynor
  14. if i pushed the red boton, to stop all operation i can run a manual backup to do inmediate or urgent backup, by example doing backup to exchange or sql database. if i stop all operation i can use all the bandwidth and all my network, diskstorage device, retrospect cpu and memory at its maximium capacity, all dedicated to an specific operation. i need schedule all of these operation, to automate , cause by now i am doing this manually. doing an automatic enabler of the red buton to re enable all the operation and continue with all my normal schedule backups maybe next version, is going to has this option thank you
  15. Hello any one has an specific size in gigas, for the largest SQL database backed up with retrospect. i need numbers Thank you Maynor
  16. any body have good experience with a tape backup device for retrospect server, for recomend to me? i have a problem my server is hp rack mount, with only two pci express slot, used by the two HBAs (redundance) an there is no more space for an extra pci card, by example an scsi card. what a need is an external tape drive (not a library) to conect to this server via USB or via ethernet, compatible with retrospect to do sintetic backup, with a good performance, any sugestions thank you Maynor
  17. any expert that could explain this to me, from the console of retrospect, i create a backup set that save the data to a UNC path by example ANYSERVER\\SHAREFOLDER1 i want to know and why, what is the data transfer route when a backup begins: 1. from network card of client, then goes to the Retrospect Server network card - and finally goes to the network card of the ANYSERVER with a share folder name. (retrospect server is between source and target) or 2. from the network card of client, then directly go to the network card of the ANYSERVER, with a share folder name (there is no retrospect server between source and target), and the agent of the client manage every transfer, and notify everything to the retrospect server. (i think this is the best method) thank you very much
  18. understood i think that if any clients can click "my documents" folder no matter how is it redirectioned yes or not, retrospect client could see it. But i was wrong, thank you for help just tu finish, "retrospect client can see all local files saved on all local hard disk, cd, usb drive" but it can not see UNC path, and network drive, because they are not local direction path" thank you again Maynor
  19. any suggest. Hello, i am trying to backup with a filter a special folder on my clients, but no files is backed up, the only diference on all my clients is that all of them had change the "My documents" redirection folder to a NAS folder by example "My documents" = "\\NASSERVER\private folder user", someone told me, why you dont backup all the NASSERVER folders directly from retrospect,? Thats a good idea, Buy what about using the UIR (user initiated restore console) from any clients, they can not restore its own "My documents" folder, the point is to skip any backup Administrator intervention. please any idea. I think that the problem is the retrospect agent client version, "need a fix" Thank you
  20. oh thank you very much is it posible to have more technical documents of retrospect patented technology? what about multicast, proactive, open files, etc do you have any other links or documents thank you very much Maynor
  21. does anybody, has information to compare products of symantec, need to compite against backup exec 11d, using retrospect 7.5 any idea Thank you is there other symantec´s products that does the same than retrospect?
  22. This is the error detail, after retry, to many times File "R:\demo pst 3gb.pst": can´t read, error -1111 (locked range conflict) to clear the error i must to recycled the backup set i will try shutting down outlook, and i will let you know thank you