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  1. I contacted the support team.. and guess.. i got to pay for a support contract first... This is a mayor bug... the backup software suddenly stopped working..
  2. I even reinstalled the program.... i will try to call the support team, i will post the solution if its available.. Tnx for so far
  3. Everthing is updated now, when i doubleclick the app icon after the Dantz logo i get the error message; error log: Retrospect detected a failure: This report documents an unusual condition detected by Retrospect’s internal integrity checking. This might be caused by a software bug, but can also be the result of an incompatibility, hardware malfunction, damaged system software, or other problems. Details on possible causes can be found on EMC Dantz’s website: http://www.emcdantz.com/support For further assistance, call us at (888) 777-5664 or (925) 948-9050. Please be prepared to provide us a brief description of the steps that led to this failure along with the assert log. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX OS: Windows XP version 5.2 (build 3790), Service Pack 1 Application: C:\Program Files\Dantz\Retrospect 7.0\Retrospect.exe, version 7.0.265 Exception occurred on 23-3-2006 at 9:12:04 Error info: Assertion failure at "datetime.cpp-105" Exception code: E0000000 ASSERTION Fault address: 7C815DEA 0001:00014DEA kernel32.dll Thread ID: 00000C98, Name: RetroFrameThread EAX:0239235C CS:239001B EIP:7C815DEA EFlags:00000206 EBX:00324710 SS:0023 ESP:02392358 EBP: 023923AC ECX:00000000 DS:640023 ESI:023923EC FS: 73003B EDX:00000001 ES:300023 EDI:023923EC GS: 640000 Module Fn (symbol or seg:offset in DLL) Args =============== ================================= ======================================================================= kernel32.dll 0001:00014DEA E06D7363 1 3 023923E0 0239E498 0239E514 E06D7363 1 msvcrt.dll 0001:00012259 0 0 0239E498 0239E514 00324710 60079D24 1 023923FC bdrock20.dll DebugHandlerThrow +6C E0000000 1 1 02392454 02392554 600441C3 E0000000 1 bdrock20.dll assertLog +1B E0000000 1 02392454 'essA' 'oitr' 'af n' 'ruli' 'ta e' bdrock20.dll Debug +63 6005C9F4 00000069 02396B90 02392588 60010548 02390000 0239E514 02396B90 bdrock20.dll daysBeforeYear +27 02390000 0239E514 02396B90 60000016 02390000 02390003 02392594 600104FF bdrock20.dll TDategetTotalDays +38 02396B90 023925A0 6000FF57 02396B90 023970BC 6002D8A5 02396C50 0 bdrock20.dll TDateGetDOW +F 02396B90 023970BC 6002D8A5 02396C50 0 0 0 0 bdrock20.dll TDateToSystemTime +77 02396C50 0 0 0 0 0 0 02394464 bdrock20.dll dateToTString +125 02398BB0 0239E428 0 0 0 0 0 0 bdrock20.dll doConversions +D54 0239A29C 0239A4C8 0239A714 0 0 0 0239A2A4 006F0077 bdrock20.dll TStringSPrintf +59 0239D1A8 6005EC0C 0 0239E428 0239E428 0 0 0 bdrock20.dll doConversions +D0C 0239D8E0 0239DF98 0239DB30 0000000C 0 00000017 0239DE10 0 bdrock20.dll TStringSPrintf +38 0239E4F8 0239DF98 0239E1C0 0239E428 00174398 014E5AF4 0239DBB0 0000000C ENGINEHI.DLL scrLastEvent +145 014E5AF4 0239E3F0 0239E4F8 01550A68 0 0 0 0 meson.dll ModuleDatasend +656 014E5AF4 'SLEv' 0 0239E4F8 01550A68 0 0 0 UIPROD.DLL rfProgSetStatus +E9 0155090C 0239F1C0 0 1 0239DDA4 0239D8DC 0239DD48 0239DD48 meson.dll ModuleDatasend +656 0155090C 'PrSa' 0239F1C0 0 1 0239DDA4 0239D8DC 0239DD48 meson.dll TMesonMsgDo +92 0 1 0153F9D4 1 1 0239EDA0 0 0000008F meson.dll TThreadmesonDoOne +155 0153F9D4 0239EAE4 60610BBD 7C94654F 0239F0B8 0239F134 61B00000 61B00000 meson.dll TThreadmesonQFlush +3E 7C94654F 0239F0B8 0239F134 61B00000 61B00000 002AF3B0 0000006E 0 meson.dll msgHelper +2D 0153F9D4 1 0239F048 0239F530 00324710 014905F4 0153F9D4 'CSp#' meson.dll doTask +21E 'Msg ' 60610B90 0 0 0239EFD4 0239EFD4 0239EFE0 0239F00C
  4. As in the topic; version 7.0 and each time i try to start it. Everything that connects or belongs to Retrospect and try to start then i get the error. Backup device is a sony ait drive 20-50Gb IDE Date and time are correct.
  5. I received an error today and cannot start it anymore; Error "datetime.cpp-105" I get this each time i start it.