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  1. Yes, the machine has been re-booted several times. I'll try re-installing and report back.
  2. Since I upgraded from 7.0 to 7.6, Retrospect has been crashing on exit every night with the same error: OS: Windows Server 2003 version 5.2 (build 3790), Service Pack 2, (32 bit) Application: C:\Program Files\Retrospect\Retrospect 7.6\retrospect.exe, version 7.6.111 Exception occurred on 7/10/2008 at 3:28:21 AM Exception code: c0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION Fault address: 7c82a982 0001:00029982 (null) ERROR: Error while initializing dbghelp.dll, GetLastError: 0 (Address: 00000000) Thread ID: 510, Name: Main thread Retrospect Data folder permissions are: Administrators:Full Control SYSTEM:Full Control Can this be resolved without rebuilding the config file? Obviously, I'd like to avoid it if possible. Thanks!
  3. waltr, Thanks for your reply. I added the -ip option to the RCL script and restarted the retroclient. Unfortunately, I still can't connect to the client machine from the backup server on that IP. Based on the contents of retroclient.log, I don't think the client is successfully binding to the address. 1147288929: ConnStartListen: starting thread ConnStartListen for 1147288929: iplud: bound to address 1147288929: ipludAddMembership: adding membership for 1147288935: IPNSRegister(1): registered: "web2.soliddocuments.com"/"ea447b611566123a" 1147288935: ConnStartListen: starting thread ConnStartListen for 1147288941: IPNSRegister(1): registered: "web2.soliddocuments.com"/"1844d107abaca19b" is on eth1. Previously, I was able to connect to this client on eth0. Any ideas? Thanks.
  4. Hi, What's the exact syntax for binding the Linux client to a single IP address? I've tried several iterations using the option in the man page with no success. Thanks.