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  1. Quote: Hi Luke, I think I understand what's happening - the original backup was running normally, then Retrospect prompted for a new piece of media because it ran out of space on the existing disk. In this scenario Media Request Timeout does not stop the running execution. I tested this out and got the same results you are seeing. Media Request Timeout will cancel an execution after a period of time if the backup media is not present at the time the script is started. I looked over the preference and in the manual, and I see this is not clearly stated anywhere. I'll be sure to forward this info. The backup has plenty of free space (100GB+), it seems that it doesnt cancel untill we log onto the server!
  2. Hey, were running version 7.5.251 and having some problems with the "Media Request time out" not working like it should. I have set it to time out after 15 minutes in: Configure --> Preferences --> Media --> Request What happens is if we forget to change the removable HDDs to the new disk for the next nightly backup it just sits there waiting for media and doesnt time out untill you go into retrospect and cancel the job...we have had it already miss a 2nd night because the origional job wasnt cleared! is there anything im missing? or is this not what the media timeout function does??? should'nt it tiem out and clear the job after the 15mins without having to logon to the server and clear the job? thanks - Luke!
  3. Quote: Hi, If you're running a proactive backup this option will have no effect. For regular backup and duplicate scripts, yes, the script should fail after 15 minutes. well we dont have proactive backup, and it doesnt seem to cancle untill we log onto the server and manually stop it!
  4. Hey, Just wondering if anyone has found a better way of backing up sharepoint! Currently i am doing a dump nightly then backing up the file in retrospect. thanks
  5. Hey, i really like how retrospect checks if the media for the next backup is present and ready to go for the next scheduled backup! Any chance of combining this with the email function so that retrospect will check to see if the next media is avalible at a certain time and email results if media is unavalible! So the media can be swaped for the next backup! thanks - Luke
  6. Hey, we are scripting rotating removable USB HDD drives: (our monday-thursday works fine rotating HDD's) Its just the friday which is giving us trouble! this is how we have it set up: HDD1 - Friday Week 1 HDD2 - Friday Week 2 HDD1 - Friday Week 3 HDD2 - Friday Week 4 But every 12 weeks the last friday of the month is the 5th week, which stuffs up our script as week 1 is now the 2nd week HDD...etc...its just very hard to rotate it when this happens. Is there anyway to script it so we can use another USB HDD on this day (aprox every 3 months) Retrospec seems to only be able to be sceduled to run on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd & last...no 5th??? any help would be great!
  7. Quote: OK, I will give it a try. You can schedule a backup for HDD1 every 2 weeks starting today (Friday). You can schedule a backup for HDD2 every 2 weeks starting next week (Friday). Then EXCHANGE the two drives every week. I don't really see the point for four schdules (1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th week of the month). thanks for your reply! Basically we have two folders on each HDD, which contain Friday week 1 & week 3 backup sets. (the drives are 250GB) so we are having 4 weeks of backup because we have room for it. Really the main reason is for the staff who takes the media off site. Because HDD1 labled "Week 1 & 3" wont line up with calander (Friday week 1 wont be the first friday of the month) because of the 5th friday of the month (every 12 weeks). Looks like we will have to make a calander and print it out and leave it where the media is kept (off site) - for now anyway thanks