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  1. As it turned out, the problem was a loose cable connection on the CD drive. Other symptoms, and the reason for the attempts at restoring from Retrospect in the first place, were media players (iTunes, WinAmp, WMP) getting "stuck" as soon as you tried to start them.
  2. I am seeing this problem as well. Was there ever any resolution, or does anyone have suggestions on troubleshooting this? Is it a known problem?
  3. I don't think you can transfer from a backup set when you can't create a catalog file for it(?). Since I got no response, I trashed the backup set and recreated it.
  4. I have the exact same problem; the error happens immediately when trying to do the recatalog, and there is nothing listed about any rdb files when the extra logging is enabled. Note that this is a *disk* backup set, not tape. Do I have any option besides deleting and recreating the backup set? With 3 of us having this problem within the last couple months, it sure seems like a new bug in version 7.6.
  5. spawn

    Error -2241 while grooming

    As a workaround, I've been manually selecting snapshots to forget (which is very tedious!). When closing the dialog, I'm asked if I want to groom now or later. I select now, but grooming doesn't start; I have to go back in to the backup set and start it. Is that also a bug, or am I missing something?
  6. spawn

    Error -2241 while grooming

    One difference: we do use compressed catalog files. They are on a different drive from the backup data, which is on a eSATA RAID array.
  7. spawn

    Error -2241 while grooming

    I have also been seeing this problem with 7.6.111. I get error -2241 when it is grooming, so I rebuild the catalog from disk. Then it immediately gets the error -2241 again, as soon as I try to groom. I was going to try recycling the backup set, but apparently that didn't help Lennart. Now there are two of us that need advice on this!
  8. Retrospect 7.6 seems to have a nasty habit of crashing when: 1) it is waiting for a new backup tape to continue a scheduled backup, and 2) proactive backups (to disk) continue to run, and 3) the backup disk gets full It usually seems to be the grooming process that causes the crashes, although that's just a guess from what I've seen. At any rate, after these crashes, I usually have to recatalog and manually groom my backup sets, which usually works (after a few days, since they are such long processes). Unfortunately, one of my backup sets now gives this error after 5.5 hours of recataloging (from disk): Backup Set format inconsistency (6 at 909296752) Can this be fixed (or ignored)? If it is a specific snapshot, can I figure out which one and "forget" that one?
  9. spawn

    endless hourglass

    Checking the event viewer showed me that the VC80 runtime couldn't be found; I then realized I hadn't installed the latest Exchange 2007 support package (I had the one from Retrospect 7.5 installed). After installing that, it appears to be working now. I guess the error handling could use some improvement. ;-)
  10. I'm trying to set up the Exchange 2007 mailbox backup in Retrospect 7.6, as described here: http://kb.dantz.com/display/2n/articleDirect/index.asp?aid=9633&r=0.9351465 I set up the RBU account as described in part 1. I'm stuck at the end of part 2 - when I try to set the 'Exchange Server' or 'Exchange Mailboxes' to use the RBU login, I get an hourglass that doesn't seem to go away until I kill Retrospect. How can I troubleshoot this?
  11. Stopping the daemon and then installing the new version seems to have worked here also.
  12. I just installed the RPM over the old one. When that gave me the errors, I uninstalled and tried installing it again. When I run "service rcl status" I get the error messages. No.
  13. CentOS 5 == RHEL 5 w/o branding, so it's likely going to have the same problem on RHEL.
  14. I was pleased to see that error -540 is supposed to finally be fixed in version 7.6 - we have been running a separate 7.0 install to back up our Linux systems. However, the 7.6 Linux client is completely broken (at least on Centos 5.x); I get a bunch of messages like this: pmcTrans: requested 158: expected code 216 and 218 bytes, got 202 and 4 bytes connTcpConnection: invalid code found: 158 Fortunately, the 7.5 Linux client seems to continue to work correctly.
  15. spawn

    client reserved?

    What I'd really like is for the Retrospect server to send an email notification (not several little ones, which it seems fond of doing) listing the clients that haven't been backed up in x number of days. That seems like a reasonable feature to expect it to have.