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  1. I transfer snapshots from my backup set to 2 offsite sets. A Monday-Wed-Fri offsite set and a Tuesday-Thursday offsite set. The problem I encounter is when transfering the most recent snapshots to the Tuesday-Thursday set, it will ask for the media of the M-W-F set. This only happens about halfway through the snapshot transfer when it gets to the SQL server snapshots. Any suggestions?
  2. Is it possible to exclude the master database from an SQL Log backup script? For the Source I want to add the full SQL Server so that any new databases are automatically included in the backup. However this will include the master database which will produce an error saying only Full backups can be performed of the master database. Using the exclude selector appears to be ignored as indicated in the documentation for SQL backups.
  3. I have the email notification turned on for Failure and Media Requests but not for Successful Events. I am using Retrospect Single Server 7.5. I am getting an email for each successful Proactive backup. Besides a bit annoying the email does not indicate which computer was backed up which makes it annoying and useless. Any suggestion besides turning off Email Notifications altogether? Thanks, Tom
  4. Never mind I just found the "X" in the top bar that was selected. But not a good design that the checkbox is grayed-out at the bottom when a button at the top is what controls it.
  5. The "Don't allow scheduled and waiting executions to start" is checked and the checkbox is grayed-out so I can not uncheck it. This causes all my scheduled backups to go to a "Deferred" status. I can do an immediate backup, just not scheduled. I have uninstalled and reinstalled and comes back with the same settings. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance, Tom