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  1. Retrospect 7.5.387 I have a scheduled script which didn't run overnight. When I looked in the morning, I found it sitting in the 'waiting' queue with the status 'Waiting for (script icon) (script name)'. Nothing else is executing, its source volume and backup set are available - any ideas why a script would be waiting for itself? Thanks, Mark.
  2. Unfortunately not. There is no 'forget' button that I can see, and the 'Remove' button is greyed out for all members (any idea why this button gets disable?). I've rebuilt the catalog, but it's a shame that it resorted to that, since the backup set was rather large and the rebuild takes around 12 hours. Thanks for your help. Mark.
  3. I'm running Retrospect Multi-Server 7.5. I added a member to a backup set which pointed to a network share (i.e. \\machinename\share\folder). That share is no longer available, and I want to remove it from the list of members for the backup set (or at the very least, mark it as 'lost/damaged'). However, when I double-click the member to mark it as 'This member is lost or damaged', clicking OK from the member properties dialog shows an error: 'Cannot use the specified backup data folder'. How do I get rid of this member? Thanks for your help, Kind regards, Mark.
  4. decates

    Excluding CVS directories

    Hi Foster, Thanks for your reply, but am I correct in thinking that this will just exclude, for example, the "_svn" directory itself, not any directory containing one of these as a subdirectory. So, a more general form of my original question might be "Can you exclude a directory based on the files or directories it contains?". Thanks again for any help. Thanks, Mark.
  5. Hi, I have Retrospect MultiServer 7.5, and am backing up large amounts of data from software developers' machines. Is there any way to exclude 'working copies' from CVS (Subversion) repositories? They are recognised by being directories containing a '_svn' subdirectory. I haven't had much call to use 'selectors' so far, so any help would be much appreciated! Thanks, Mark.