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    Newbie Q's about scheduling

    Yeah, I know I have to re-learn what I know to a certain extent. Its hard to stop thinking Full, Incremental, etc. I have my weekly backups happening the way you describe so it won't be hard to extend them. Then I run into the problem of once I recycle Week A after 6 months, I no longer have 6 months worth of backups. I guess I will need to go to 8 backup sets? For the first 6 months, back up to A, B, C and D. Then for the next 6 months backup to D, E, F, G? Then at the year mark, start back with A, B, C and D? Then it doesn't matter about the monthly's if I did this but it seems like a lot of work cause I would have to change schedules every 6 months. I am going to use D2D2T method for some of my backups but I can't do it for all. Too much data. Heck, we may have to two LTO3 drives just to keep backup windows short. Thanks for the response, I know I'll catch on here, but years of Legato don't shake out overnight.
  2. My background is in Legato (love that program) but Dantz is a much better fit for the company that I am at now. The Proactive backup is huge for us with our laptop users. Now, I am struggling at changing my thought process from Legato's traditional view of scheduling to Dantz's. I have my scripts: Live_servers, Beta_servers, Alpha_servers, Exchange_servers, etc. I want to schedule them so that I get a running weekly backup, Week A, B, C, D and that at the end of each week, I get a full backup that I can take off-site. Then ideally, at the end of Week D, I get a Full Backup that would be a Monthly full. Then, for retention, I want to recycle the running weekly backups every 4 weeks. I want to keep the weekly fulls that go offsite for 6 months and the monthly fulls for 1 year. This way, I can go back to a specific day for a month, a specific week for 6 months and a specific month for up to a year. Does this make sense? I thought I had it figured out and I'm pretty sure I have my weekly running backup working correctly. I have the scripts on Friday set to "New Backup Set" but what happened was that each script wrote to a new backup set (fine) on a new tape (not fine). All of those backup sets could have fit on one tape easily. We are using a Dell PV132t which has a single LTO3 drive and 24 tapes in it. Hopefully I provided enough info. I tried searching but didn't see anything close to what I am trying to do here. If I missed something, just point it out and my apologies. Thanks, Adam