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  1. It is easy to move the OS to a bigger disk without reinstalling the OS. There are utility to do this from Seagate and Western Digital. They are sometime included when you buy a new drive. You can also do this with some disk imaging software. I have done it for Vista 32 bit OS and XP. I used a free software DriveImage XML. The key is to boot from CDROM with BartPE. This way you run the software with the original boot hard drive not running the OS or any any applications. I did a drive to drive imaging with DriveImage XML (new drive need to be bigger than old one). After this step, you have to remove the old drive and install the new drive. The next step is to boot Vista from the CDROM to do a system repair. This step is needed because the drive serial number is associated to the drive letter.
  2. In the startup preference, we have few states to choose after autolaunch is completed (exit, shutdown, etc). However, a sleep S3 state is not available. It will be good to have. For Windows XP and Vista, the following command will put the PC to sleep: "C:\Windows\system32\rundll32.exe PowrProf.Dll,SetSuspendState Standby"
  3. Is it possible to launch retrospect with an argument that will start an immediate backup and close the application after completion? I am using Vista 32 bit. Here is what I am trying to do. I want my PC to wake up from S3 sleep, do a backup, quit retrospect and then go back to sleep. If I launch Retrospect as a Task (in Task Scheduler) and set in Retrospect to do a backup at the same time or prior, Retrospect will run but the it will not close after the backup is completed. This is because that I lauched the task instead of using autolaunch. Because the application is still open, my PC will not go to sleep. Anyone solved this problem? Any switch at the command line to force an exit after completion? Thanks
  4. mont

    7.5.370 with Vista - Backup size ballooning

    Is it safe? Will the restored PC be functionning properly. Will the registry be in SYNC with the state of the PC? BTW, this show that if the compression is enabled, saving the restore point is not too bad: 4/14/2007 9:48:59 AM: Execution completed successfully Completed: 5113 files, 14.6 GB, with 96% compression Performance: 1968.1 MB/minute Duration: 00:11:14 (00:03:40 idle/loading/preparing) The size of this backup is only 4% of 14.1 G (or 564 M).
  5. mont

    7.5.370 with Vista - Backup size ballooning

    I used more than once the RESTORE function. It make it easy to roll back a bad driver install or software install. The process take only few minutes. A full system restore is more scary and will take a couple of hours. In vista, there is no rescue disk. You have to re-install the OS, then Retrospect (the correct version for vista). After this then I have to restore two HD (320G each) in my machine.
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    Non proprietary backup?

    Post deleted by Mayoff
  7. mont

    7.5.370 with Vista - Backup size ballooning

    These big files are in the hidden directory "System Volume Information". My understanding is that they are part of the System Restore. I do not know if omitting these files from the backup will have an impact on the ability to do a full restore from the backup set. Because of that, I am backing up these files. My PC is a core duo 6600. Enabling the compression does not seems to have a significant impact on the performance. For some files it is faster, on other files it is slower. On the big files from system restore, it seems that enabling the compression make it is faster. For files that do not compress much (like ZIP, MPEG or JPEG files), it will be slower. It would like to have in Retrospect the ability of Enabling/Disabling the compression based of the file type. With this option you could disable the compression for file that do not compress.
  8. mont

    7.5.370 with Vista - Backup size ballooning

    I have seen the same problem in Vista(Backup size ballooning). However, I found a partial cure. With the backup "Data Compression" enabled, the VISTA restore files ({aaaa-bbbb-cccc-dddd-eeee-ffff.....}) get compressed by almost 90% (or 10% of original size).
  9. I have version 7.5.370 Pro. With XP, I was able to schedule a task that wake up the computer from Sleep (state S3) and do a backup in the middle of the night. After the task is completed, retrospect was closing and the computer will go back to sleep after a period of unactivity. I tried many thing unders Vista but I have never been able to get to the same functionality. If I schedule a task (using Vista Task Scheduler) to wake up the computer and start "Retrospect.exe" it will backup the computer but the computer will stay ON after the backup is completed because Retrospect stay Open. Is there a receipe on how to do this in Vista? Thanks
  10. I had the same problem (compare errors). To fix the problem I had to increase the "PCI latency" from 64 to 128. This is a BIOS setting. This totally eliminated these errors. Note: I am using a Maxtor 300G external drive with 1394 interface.