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  1. If I log off my Retrospect servers, half the time my scripts don't run. If I leave the servers logged in (they can be locked), and I perform the "workaround" of disabling and then re-enabling the Launcher service in Preferences, then my scripts always run. This has been happening to me since the first release of v7. Also, logging off will always make the systray icon disappear. Re-enabling the Launcher services will always make the systray icon reappear, at least until I log off. It acts like the preferences are being dumped when I log off. I have several servers, all W2k3, fully updated, and a couple of them are dedicated backup servers, i.e. nothing is on them except Windows and Retrospect Server. I have re-installed the software numerous times (often to try to fix other issues), and I always start with a clean install (new config files).
  2. Hi Foster, My backup user account is currently set up exactly as recommended. I added Enterprise Admin to the list and went through all the config again, it didn't make a difference, so I took it out so as to be "by the book." So far here's what I know: > Retrospect Full Exchange backups are always successful. > NTBackup Full, Incremental, and Differential backups are always successful. > Retrospect Differential or Incremental Backups will run a few times (1 to 4, it's unpredictable) after doing the NTBackup (either Full, Full + Diff, or Full + Inc). Then they give error -3714. > Once the Retrospect Differential or Incremental backup fails, nothing will get it to work again except running a Full NTBackup. I have re-installed everything numerous times from scratch, re-set up all the scripts, backup sets, clients, config, even used new media. Right now, my Retrospect server only has scripts set up to test this problem... there's no other scripts running on it, so there are no conflicts. Beers to anyone who can solve this.
  3. I guess I spoke too early, I'm still getting the error. The only other thing I did (as per the tech's request) was to try to run ntbackup, which succeeded. I'm guessing now that running the ntbackup did "something" and let Retrospect run for a bit, but now it's back to the same error, and I'm about to give up on this program.
  4. lwarner

    error 1116

    Hi, I had this issue too once, I'm not sure why it happened, but I resolved it by removing the client at the server. Then went to the client box and un-installed the client program, deleting the preferences (delete the Retrospect Client folder in Documents and Settings > All Users > Application Data) and then re-installed the client program. Then I re-added the client at the server, and so far it hasn't caused the error again.
  5. Well I called tech support, and the tech said to check the account under which the backup was running. The account I was using had the correct permissions, but it didn't have an exchange mailbox (as the documentation said it should). Even though it didn't make sense to me why adding a mailbox would fix logging errors, I added one... and that fixed it! Lesson learned... RTFM!
  6. I'm getting this error when performing a differential backup after a full backup. I'm not using circular logging, I've never used circular logging. So far since upgrading to v7.5, this software has not worked right, and I haven't been able to do a differential backup. I'm running Server2003 Enterprise, ESE2003. The Retrospect Server and Client software is a fresh install. I completely uninstalled it all, rebooted, then reinstalled and reconfigured from scratch. Anybody have any ideas?
  7. Yes, the full backup always works great, and during the troubleshooting process I've ended up trying several different backup sets. I've also started "clean"... installed the server without the configs, created a full Exchange backup to a new backup set with new media, then tried to run a differential backup, but it still fails. I've also tried to reinstall the client software on the Exchange box. I don't think it matters, but my database is around 70GB...
  8. I'm getting an error that says "Trouble reading files, error -3694 (An incremental backup cannot be performed when circular logging is enabled)" I don't have circular logging enabled... I never have. The error occurred immediately after I upgraded from v6.5 to v7. I've uninstalled v7, re-installed. I tried starting fresh (not using the old config files), but still no luck. Nothing on my Exchange Server has changed during this whole issue. Differential backups worked fine with v6 and v6.5. I called tech support several times, but they have no idea what the problem is. Anybody ever see this? on edit: forgot to mention system... single Exchange Server 2003, Win 2003 Servers, all with latest updates.
  9. Actually that was disabled. I do read the manual, believe it or not However as I was verifying that it was disabled, I happened to notice that the file verification was turned on for all of my scripts, when it had initially been turned off. Apparently the upgrade decided to keep all my settings except that one. I have another server that's still on 7.0, so I ran the upgrade to 7.5 and it did the same thing... changed all my file verification settings from "off" to "on" for all my scripts.
  10. I recently upgraded my backup servers from 7.0 to 7.5.251, and now my backups are extremely slow. My Exchange Server backup (7.5.251 client) went from about 400MB/min to about 80MB/min. My other backups (7.0 clients) went from about 400MB/min to under 200MB/min. I was hoping for a speed INCREASE with the upgrade, not this. Now it's taking so long to backup, that the backups are overlapping. None of my settings have changed from 7.0 to 7.5. My Exchange database is the same size, my other data pool is the same size. Oh and there are no errors in the backup logs. Win 2003 SP1, Exhange 2003.