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  1. I installed the 11.5 client on a Windows 10 laptop with a 4K display and the client window is so small it's unusable. Does anyone know how to make the client usable on a 4K display without changing the Windows 10 display scaling settings? Thanks
  2. All my Retrospect settings have disappeared - license, backup sets, clients, and dozens of scripts. I noticed this shortly after updating some other applications, but even after rolling back to a Restore Point that I made just before those updates my Retrospect settings are still missing. I reentered the license code and it looks like I can recover the backup sets and clients but I don't see any way to recover the scripts, Does anyone know how to recover the settings? I'm using Retrospect Professional 10.5 on Windows 10. Thanks, Ron
  3. I have Retrospect 8.5 on my Windows 7 pc and I'd like to test Retrospect 10 before upgrading - I had problems with 9 and had to go back to 8.5. I've used VirtualBox to create a Windows 10 virtual machine (I don't have a Windows 7 license to spare) and installed a Retrospect 10 trial. I've used VirtualBox shared folders to give the virtual machine access to the host drives (the backup source and target) but the backup fails almost immediately after starting to scan the source volume. The log shows "Error: Scanning incomplete, error -1010 (API request bad).". Does anyone have any idea about what's gone wrong? Has anyone successfully used Retrospect from a VirtualBox vm to back up a host drive? Thanks, Ron
  4. I'm currently using 8.5 and I'd like to test 10 before upgrading to it. I upgraded to 9 at one point without testing and it didn't go well - I got lots of error messages about files not backing up correctly and eventually I had to revert to 8.5 and remake all my backup sets. I'd like to avoid repeating that experience. Thanks, Ron
  5. I'm trying a restore from a different backup set now. If that fails I'll just have to reinstall the original OS, let Windows update itself, reinstall all the applications, recreate the users etc. and hopefully get the user files back from Retrospect. I appreciate the suggestions but I think this is getting beyond my technical competence and I'm fairly sure the manual procedure will work and frankly take less time than I've already spent trying to get the Retrospect restore working. With the grooming problem, I recycled any backup set where the verification failed. It's been a while since this happened but I still run daily verifications. With Retrospect 9, my backups were getting errors on dozens of files that said "appears incomplete" or "doesn't compare" (all .zip's and .jpg's). I had no errors on backups prior to upgrading to 9, and none since going back to 8.5. And yes, I created new backup sets after downgrading.
  6. The laptop is an HP Pavilion dv7 with Windows 7 Professional 64 bit. I built a new DR cd off a Windows 7 Professional 64 machine so I don't think that SP1 would be the problem. I used to have problems with grooming corrupting my backup sets so I run verifies every day which show no problem. I've tried 2 different snapshots from the same backup set with no luck. I do have another backup set for the same laptop so I guess for completeness I should try that. I don't relish spending another 3 days with the Retrospect server tied up in the restore so I'll have to copy that to a drive I can move to the laptop, which will take about 6 hours (sigh). Thanks for the ideas. Scillonian, which Retrospect versions have you restored Windows 7 from? I have a dim recollection of succeeding with Retrospect 7.7 a long time ago. I upgraded to Retrospect 9 a few months after it came out but I got lots of errors while doing backups so I reverted to 8.5 and I'm still afraid to try 9 again.
  7. I've tried using the Retrospect DR CD and also reinstalling the original OS + Retrospect client to do the restore, either way I get an unusable Windows. It sounds like you keep all your data files on a separate partition and use Retrospect for that, but don't use Retrospect to restore Windows. That might be a good strategy for the future, unfortunately it doesn't help me right now.
  8. I've been trying to restore a Windows 7 laptop client that had a hard drive failure using Retrospect 8.5 and the restore keep producing a badly corrupted Windows. Has anyone succeeded at this? If so exactly what steps did you follow? Here are some problems I've encountered: First, when restoring over a network the restore takes just shy of three days (yes, days). File copying only takes 6 or 7 hours, the rest of the time is "completing restore" with about one byte/sec between the server and client. This happens whether I use a Diasaster Recovery disk or re-install the original OS and the Retrospect client. I finally had to copy the backup set to another drive that I could attach directly to the laptop. In this case the restore takes under 12 hours. However every restore I've tried (from two different snapshots) leaves me with a laptop that boots Windows but has such serious problems it's basically worthless. The event log shows hundreds of errors at startup (mostly about services failing). Windows Update has a strange problem where it says it can't run because certain services aren't running even though they are. I researched this problem some and found Microsoft tools that attempt to repair this specifc Windows Update problem. These tools report that they've fixed incorrect permissions, invalid registry entries, and corrupted files but still can't get Windows Update to run. I'm running out of ideas, and Retrospect support doesn't seem able to help. I'd love to hear what steps someone used to successfully do this. Otherwise I'm going have to reinstall the original OS again and spend a lot of time setting up the laptop and reinstalling software. Thanks, Ron
  9. rhylton

    "appears incomplete" message

    I removed Retrospect 9 from both server and client and installed Retrospect 8.2. I no longer get "appears incomplete" or "doesn't compare" messages. I do get a lot of messages that say "subfiule delta for file ... exceeds subfile limits. A new basefile will be created." These look harmless to me and I have a vague recollection of encountering them in the past - perhaps I was actually using Retrospect 8.5 and not 8.2 before "upgrading" to 9.0 and 8.5 fixed this. Unfortunately 8.2 can't read a file that's been touched by 9.0 so I had to recycle my backup sets.
  10. rhylton

    "appears incomplete" message

    Colin, Unfortunately the "didn't compare" messages aren't very informative. I tried to back up the whole server today and got about 80 .jpg's that "didn't compare" and also 3 .zip's. These are all old files that backed up without any issues before I upgraded to Retrospect 9. Ron
  11. rhylton

    "appears incomplete" message

    Colin, Is the error happening on a client backup or a host backup? All my "appears incomplete" errors happen on a client backup; these files back up fine from the host. Conversely all my "didn't compare" errors happen on a host backup; these files back up fine from the client. My host drive and backup drives are all RAID so it's unlikely anything is wrong with those files. Ron
  12. rhylton

    "appears incomplete" message

    I've had this problem since upgrading to Retrospect 9. On a client laptop there are 18 jpg files (out of about 28,000) which give "appears incomplete" when I back them up to a new backup set. These are files that backed up with no issues under previous versions of Retrospect. If I make a copy of one of these files (using Windows Explorer), the copy has the same issue. It only happens to jpg's and the files can be viewed with no issues. As it happens these files are also on the pc where Retrospect is installed (they are in a synced directory), so I tried backing up all the jpg's from there. There are no "appears incomplete" messages on this machine, but about 70 of the jpg's give "didn't compare" errors. Again, these files backed up with no issues using previous version of Retrospect. I've contacted Retrospect support with no resolution. My conclusion is that Retrospect 9 has introduced some serious bugs and I'm trying to figure out how to revert to a previous version.
  13. rhylton

    Migrate To New Pc

    Thanks. I was concerned that I might have to deactivate the license on the old machine or something along those lines. This sounds pretty simple.
  14. rhylton

    Migrate To New Pc

    Thanks. Do I need to take any action to transfer the license to the new machine? Ron
  15. Hi. I'm about to replace the machine where Retrospect is running (Windows XP 32) with a new Windows 7 64 machine. How do I migrate all the Retrospect settings and scripts? Google gives hits on this topic but can't retrieve anything. Thanks, Ron