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  1. No, 6.1.130 doesn't do wonders. Its better (from 24 to 35Mb/min) but not what it should be.
  2. Same here. Server 7.5 Multiserve. client 6.1.107. I just saw 6.1.130 i'll try and use that one. Will let you know.
  3. rkoek

    horrible speeds on 7.5

    Only on Mac clients. The windows exchange backup runs at 700-750 but the mac client runs at 54. Terrible.
  4. EuroSupport e-mailed me to try and install the 7.0 CLIENT in stead of the 7.5 client. This worked wonders, I went from 20 to 520MB per minute. Thank you.
  5. 6.1.126 runs fine with 10.4.4 as a client. Server is still a 10.3.9 though.
  6. Mac to Mac on a gigabit network to a LTO-3 Drive gives 750 - 800 MM / Min. Retrospect Version 6.1.126
  7. Its also slow when backing up First Storage Group. Server: 7.5.251 CPU load mostly below 20%, some spikes goto 33% memory available 600Mb of 1024Mb. Client: win2003, exchange 2003, both fully patched CPU load 2% network load 1% memory available 317Mb of 2048 Please give me some respons...
  8. rkoek

    Execution is deferred

    Works, thanks.
  9. And I can not uncheck the box, it is greyed out. Any suggestions? Using Multiserve 7.5.251. Rogier Koek
  10. CPU usage 2-3%, memory 373Mb used.
  11. I have this even when backing up the entire thing. running at an appaling 22mb/min Server v 7.5 win2003 fully patched PIII 1266Mhz 1Gb ram Client win2003 exchange 2003 Xeon 2.8 2Gb ram 60Gb information store. Connected with Gigabit HP 2824 Switch.