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    Newbie Q's about scheduling

    Nate ... I totally understand about support costs. I have over 17 years experience in 2nd & 3rd level tech support engr positions. And my Mac support experience with Dantz ranged from 1990 to 2000, a little before EMC came along. During that decade I had no problem getting full support via email without having to purchase any contracts. The point I wish to make ... and please pass this on to your management ... is that the 30day limit on support is totally unrealistic. The two free support incidents is ok, but you should allow new customers at least 90days or 6mo ... or, dare I say it, even a year from the purchase date to use up those two incidents ... and then charge for yearly support/maint. This wouldn't increase costs: two incidents is two incidents, no matter when they happen. Look at my situation: I came into my present job last Oct. One of my first major tasks was to build a reliable Windows server system and implement a total company backup strategy. The server I built is based on an Intel dual processor server motherboard and Intel server case with a four drive 1+0 RAID and a tape backup. I built this machine literally from scratch by hand. It is important to note that it took me over a month to get all the parts [including S/W and including Retrospect] together due to several companies shipping me the wrong parts ... incorrect memory DIMMS and so on. Going back and forth between my Engr Tech duties and SysAdmin duties, it took me another month to get all these parts assembled, get XP and all the S/W loaded, and most importantly, get all the firmware and S/W up-to-date so the damn thing quit freezing up on me. By the time the system was totally stable and I was ready to start backing up company files, over 70 days had passed since I bought Retrospect. And here I was running it for practically the first time. And then I run into Retrospect 6 for Windows ... something TOTALLY different from Retrospect 2,3, & 4 for the Macintosh. And then I look at EMC/Dantz's support and find that I am S.O.L. because I didn't ask all my questions in the first 30 days. I am happy enough now at least, since I am able to talk to you thru this forum. But I have to repeat: the 30day limit on two support incidents is totally useless and a very stupid decision by your management. ... but then I guess it really does save you money: if there are lots of other people like me who don't get their questions in within 30days, you make them pay ... and that sucks.
  2. macevans

    Newbie Q's about scheduling

    Hi Nate! Thanks both for your reply and your suggestions. Sorry I didn't get right back to you, but sysadmin is only part time for me. I also have engr and production duties that keep me more than busy. Your HDD suggestion makes alot of sense ... believe it or not, I can get an external 400GB drive for between $170 and $250 on eBay, which is very affordable, considering I spent over $4000 seting up this server. I need to study the snapshot transfer and grooming features to see what they can do for me. The nice thing about two different backup destinations is that I could then schedule any number of backups to the HDD any evening along with one backup to the tape drive. Thank you VERY VERY MUCH for you time and suggestions. I have to tell you that, after all my experience with Retrospect on the Mac, and Dantz's excellent support in the past, I feel very much abandoned after spending $500 on Retrospect Server for Windows with its bazaar new support policies. I was beyond surprised and dismayed to discover that absolutely no support came with the program itself. I sent a polite email to EMC customer support explaining my unhappiness with Retrospect and its bizarre support policies, but, of course, received no answer at all.
  3. macevans

    Newbie Q's about scheduling

    NateW ... PLEASE help me. My scheduling problems are similar to Adam's. I'm completely stuck in the Full/Incremental state of mind due to over 20 yrs of workstation admin and 15 yrs of Macintosh admin using Retrospect for Mac. I find Retrospect for Windows notions of Backup Sets and Recycle/Normal backups to be totally frustrating. I'm on an XP server with a Quantum 80GB DLT running Retrospect for Windows 7.0. All the files I want to backup are on a 320GB RAID which is the D drive in my system. My constraints: 1) I need to be able to do totally scripted UNATTENDED backups late in the evening, after the Engr staff and myself have gone home ... the Engr staff always stays later than I do. This means that Retrospect cannot call for any media changes during backup ... a single session MUST be on a single tape. 2) Engineering wants a safety net ... daily incremental[Normal] backups, so that if a major design file gets screwed up or corrupted, they can go back a day for it. Right now, I have about 70GB of files to backup. Because a majority of files are already compressed file types, I only get about 25% compression writing to 40GB tapes. In order to meet constraint 1, I have to break the recycle backup into two separate operations. This is when I ran into Retrospect's first brick wall: Doing a direct backup, I can access the folder/file browser and specify which folders to backup. In my situation, I wanted to break the backups into 1: everything inside D:/users/ called "UsersFull" and 2: everything outside of D:/users called "EngrFull". This pretty much split everything in half. But when trying to script these backups, I cannot access the folder/file browser. What's in the scripting options is rediculously complicated and I haven't found the magic incantation I need yet. Why isn't the folder/file browser available for scripting????????????????????????? On to constraint 2: I would like to do daily Incremental [Normal] backups. This wouldn't be a problem except for constraint 1: I need to do the daily Normal Backups ON SEPARATE TAPES, so that Retrospect won't ask for a new tape in the middle of the night, when no one's here. Further, after having split the recycle backups into two separate chunks, how do I do daily normal backups of the ENTIRE RAID without having to swap tapes???????????????????????? Please come up with a way to hit me over the head so I can see this stuff in the new Retrospect way and meet my goals and constraints!!!!
  4. Can someone please tell me how to configure my Backup Sets to cover my situation: Right now, I'm backing up around 60GB in RAID to 40GB DLT tapes. I don't have a tape autoloader or changer, and, I would like to setup unattended single tape dumps with the proper tapes preloaded. At the moment, I have approx 30GB inside "/Users" and approx 30GB outside of "/Users". So I would like to setup two scheduled complete dumps to do these two backups once a week, preferably on Fridays. But, on Mon - Thur, I want to do scheduled incremental backups of the entire RAID to individual daily tapes. I do not want to do two incremental dumps per day, one for "/Users" and one for everything outside of "/Users". And, I do not want to do one complete RAID dump across two tapes, as this would require me to be available to change tapes in the middle of the dump. I don't think that this is too complicated, but I can't see how to make Retrospect for Windows 7 do this. Can Retrospect Backup Sets be configured to cover this???
  5. macevans

    Terminology and lack of control

    Thanks for your comments, khodge. I have been getting deep into the manual to find out what's going on with Retrospect for Windows. I have been using Retrospect for Macintosh since it first came out. Using it on the Mac [pre OS X] is second nature with me. But I am finding out now that Retrospect for Windows 7 is a completely different animal ... and I'm getting more unhappy the more I read. I have found out that Retrospect is now totally stuck on making everything over-automated based solely on the Backup Set. In order to do what would be an incremental dump, I have to create a Backup Set, do a Full Dump [Recycle Dump] within that backup set, and then do a Normal Dump, again, only within that backup set. Unfortunately, this doesn't match my physical requirements and needs. Previously, Retrospect for Mac actually physically marked files and folders as backed up. I wasn't tied to any specific backup set and could do complete and incremental dumps as needed. It appears that Retrospect for Windows 7 doesn't touch anything and keeps all backup information in the Backup Set Snapshot, and, without that Snapshot, cannot figure out how to do an incremental dump. I'm going to have to start a new post to solicit advice on my configuration and needs and see if Retrospect can do what I want.
  6. macevans

    Terminology and lack of control

    <sigh> Normal IS NOT an incremental backup. I set a script to do a normal backup last night, after completeing a full ... excuse me ... recycle backup the day before. I came in this morning to find retrospect wanting a second tape because it was backing up the entire RAID, not just changed or new files. Now what?? Recycle backs up everything ... normal backs up everything .....................
  7. macevans

    Terminology and lack of control

    I'm running v7.0.249 and its right in front of my nose on the screen, both in the program, and in the program help, and in the manual. This thing called a Recycle backup does what experienced admin people call a Full Backup. Normal is different things for different people [or you could say there's no such thing as normal], hence it is a fuzzy name. Whereas Incremental Dump has a specific meaning for admin people with experience OUTSIDE of the MS Windows world and prior to Retrospect for Windows. Go to a UNIX or LINUX machine and type "man tar". I'm sorry, but to me, I would guess that a Normal Dump would be a Full or Complete Dump ... er... excuse me, a Recycle Dump. I am tallking about h/w and s/w compression because they effect backup times. When it takes 12hrs to do a 100GB full backup to a DLT, being able to select the fastest method is important to some people. Yes, you can select any folder you like in scripts, but the method sucks. My RAID drive has a stack of top level folders and, right now, I want to break up my backups into 1) everything in /Users; and 2) everything outside of /Users. In Immediate Backup, I can click the Preview button for the folders/files browser, and manually select and deselect any folders I desire by clicking on check boxes. My first backup is simple: just click the Users folder. The second backup is almost as simple: just click Select All and again click the Users folder to deselect it. Just where do I do this while editing a script in Advanced Mode?? Under Selecting is a pile of conditions that don't match anything I want. So far, all I can see is that I have to create a subvolume for every top level folder that I want. But that doesn't grab any random files sitting at root level [which I should beat on people to clean up]. How do I get to the folders/files browser that appears in Immediate Backup????? And its so nice that much of the procedures and pictures in my 400 page 7.0 User's Guide DOESN'T match what my program is doing.
  8. After years of backing up networked AI workstations and more years backing up Macs with Retrospect, I have now run into Retrospect Small Business Server for Windows. And I'm completely lost without having to read the entire manual. Why is a full backup now called a Recycle Backup?? Why is an incremental Backup now called a Normal Backup?? Why don't I have total control over H/W compression and S/W compression?? Why don't I have manual control over folders when making a script as I do when doing an immediate backup??? Why is it that Windows versions of programs are like trying to figure out a 747 instrument panel, while Macintosh versions of programs are like trying to figure out a Cessina 172 inst panel when they both do the same thing?? [rhetorical question!]