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  1. I am trying to get Retrospect 6.1.230 to use 25GB Blu-ray discs on MacOS X 10.4.11 - Pioneer BDR-209M. I realise that this is an ancient OS and version, but that's where we're at. In an earlier post (2007) jweisbin indicated use of a similar setup. Here is where I am up to now: Retrospect didn't recognise the drive, but asked to insert my proposed media to test (so it could write a new .rdi, one supposes). So I stuck in a BD-R (25GB), which it seemed to write to, eject and insert several time, before telling me that it now recognised CD-R!? It then asked for other media, and I gave it a DVD+R. Same process, but this time it properly recognised the DVD+R type. Continuing, I gave it another BD-R, which it rejected stating that it did not recognise the media. Is there a way to configure Retrospect 6.1 to recognise BD-R - preferably including 2/3/4 layer discs too, if that is possible? Can I edit the existing .rdi file - I can see that it is a fairly simple XML file, but don't know the inputs to use. Or what is it that jweisbin is doing that I am missing? Thanks.
  2. Quote: So you say, although I remain unconvinced. It takes a lot to require a restart. Erm, I had a kernel panic a couple of days ago, while backing up. When was the last time you saw that?
  3. I think there's a possibility that either the Retrospect listings are incomplete, or that the specifications of the devices that have been added are wrong. As an example, I have a Pioneer DVR-112 - this is not listed as being compatible (the DVR-112D is), but Retrospect apparently uses the drive without a problem (prior to I'd been using a custom .rdi file). The difference between these two devices is that the "D" model does not support DVD-RAM writing, where the model I have does - though I don't have any media to test Retrospect with DVD-RAM disks. So, it's possible that the drive you have may work with Retrospect with different media - try it with DVD+R?
  4. My first thoughts on this is that there is a fault with your external hard disk, but you say that the G4 tower backs up ok to this driveā€¦ but perhaps check it with Disk Utility. I think you could try backing up via the Retrospect client, just to see if you get the same errors. One way of significantly speeding this process up is to buy an ethernet cross-over cable so you can network the two devices directly, or set them up with a Firewire network (you can do this in the network control panel) - 400Mbps certainly beats 56Mbps.
  5. I reverted to RDU, then loaded my own *.rdi, but this doesn't make any difference, still unable to verify media or rebuild catalogue with a DVR-112. Retrospect just doesn't ask for a new disk and seems to keep re-scanning the first disk.
  6. There's definitely something wrong with the description for this device, I've just tried to have it rebuild a catalogue, but stopped it after 18GB and 67 files. Seemed obvious that it isn't possible to have 18GB on one DVD-R (Retrospect hadn't asked for the next disk in the series). When I look at the snapshot of what was in the backup set (that had started it's re-catalogue) I found multiple copies of identical files - so it looks like Retrospect is scanning the same disk multiple times (explains the verification problems above). To test that this isn't a problem with Retrospect in general I've used another, supported DVD writer (Panasonic UJ-815), this just started re-catalogging the same disk set, and asked for the next disk after 4.7GB/25 files - so is working as expected (if at a fraction of the speed).
  7. I've just done a significant backup to a DVR-112 (not a DVR-112D) with the RDU and it seems ok to me - it used about 20 DVDs and one of them was reported as having verification errors (as noted above: "drive reported a failure: dirty heads, bad media, etc."). I kind of presumed that this was just a fluke and a real problem with the media. That's the good news. The bad news is that I just tried to verify the media, and this is what happened: The status box started off by saying something like 2.2 million remaining, 202G, and asked for the first disk. It then worked through to having checked four files, and over a period of about 18 hours counted down from 202G to 0T (zero terabytes!?) - but the number of files remaining/completed remained the same (2.2 million/4). Now it's been sitting there for an hour or more showing the last file it was checking (No.4?) and flipping between that and "Resynchronizing (slow)". It never asked for any further disks but the DVD drive sounds like it is spinning full-on all the time. I'm just about to quit it and get it to rebuild the catalogue rather than verify the media (since the latter doesn't seem to work). Obviously I'm first going to copy the catalogue! Oh, and it's definitely right that the read me with the RDU said there was support for the DVR-112D, but that isn't reflected in the Retrospect database of supported devices.
  8. Clive Bruton

    Configure devices and DVD-/+R

    Ok, figured it out: the RDU seems to have support for the DVR-112 (and DVR-112D) - or at least it now works without a custom configuration, I don't have any DVD-RAM media to check it out with (to ensure that there is differentiation between the two models). The support database doesn't list either of these drives. I had a go at trying to decode the device*.rdi file. If you open the file up with Property List Editor you'll see that the *.rdi file is just a XML file. If you open up all the levels to the file you'll find a "media" pair, which has an integer entry. My guess is that this is an integer representation of "bits" turning on or off support for various different types of media. I don't know how many bits there are (my guess is 16) but there are at least 9. Some of these could be non-functional (reserved). If you look at the integer in the media pair it will either represent one or multiple bits - probably the only way to work out which is to write custom configs just supporting one media at a time. In three known configs I have an integer of 262, 8 and 4. The first has capabilities to write CD-RW, DVD-RW and DVD-R, the second DVD+R and the last DVD-RW. Which I think indicates the following: ************ Code: bit int dev 1 dev 2 dev3 1 1 0 0 0 2 2 1 0 0 CD-RW? 3 4 1 0 1 DVD-RW 4 8 0 1 0 DVD+R 5 16 0 0 0 6 32 0 0 0 7 64 0 0 0 8 128 0 0 0 9 256 1 0 0 DVD-R? 10 512 0 0 0 11 1024 0 0 0 12 2048 0 0 0 13 4096 0 0 0 14 8192 0 0 0 15 16384 0 0 0 16 32768 0 0 0 262 8 4 ************ I haven't got to the stage where I have manipulated the bits in the .rdi to confirm that the media selection is then changed, but these are my guesses at the moment.
  9. Clive Bruton

    Configure devices and DVD-/+R

    Just to note, the DVR-112 isn't the same as the DVR-112D - rather oddly Pioneer thinks it a good idea to make two almost identical drives, at almost identical prices, but the former writes to DVD-RAM and the latter does not. I'm sure there's some logic to that... :-/ I've just noticed that the latest RDU supports the DVR-112D, perhaps we could get an update for the DVR-112 too?
  10. I have a Pioneer DVR-112 in an external Firewire case, this drive writes to more-or-less any DVD/CD format as far as I can work out (CD-R/RW, DVD-R/+R/RAM/-RW/+RW/-DL/+DL...). I have to manually configure it because Retrospect Desktop does not seem to recognise it (although the vendor driver/description is available for the OS - ie Finder writing/reading works without an issue), and yesterday wasted some media setting it up for DVD-R, CD-RW and DVD-RW. Back-ups then worked as expected. However, today I added DVD+R to the configuration for this device, and now it won't recognise the DVD-R media. Do I really have to do all the media in one config session, or will Retrospect not support both DVD-R and DVD+R on the same device? Is there a way to hack the device*.rdi file so that I don't have to go through another set of media (and go and buy a full set of media types just so that I get them all in one go)? I currently have a device01.rdi and device02.rdi file, not sure why (I thought the Panasonic UJ-815 support was built-in), I suspect that these are for the same device (because they have both been created in the last couple of days - no other device has been added).
  11. I have a Sony LIB-162 (one AIT drive) running on an Xserve dual G5 (10.4.3), Retrospect 6.1 with the latest driver update. The backup has two sets which alternate weekly, set A weeks 1, 3, 5, 7... and set B set 2, 4, 6, 8... Whenever the time comes for the tape change Retropect appears to no longer be able to see the tapes in the carousel or drive (the web interface to the StorStation shows the correct configuration of the carousel/drive). The only way to get it running again is to restart the Xserve. Additionally the "Eject all" button in configure/devices does nothing. The report here seems very similar, but we are not getting alarms on the StorStation: http://forums.dantz.com/ubbthreads/showflat.php?Cat=0&Number=22967&page=15&view=collapsed&sb=7&o=&fpart=1 Anyone have any ideas on getting this system to work as it should?