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  1. My manager asked,and I'm afraid I can't tell. http://www.symantec.com/smb/products/overview.jsp?pcid=bu_rec&pvid=lsrsvr30 Thanks.
  2. Out of the 95 database restores we do, there is one that always gives us this error, and we end up manually copying it over: - 12/1/2006 11:53:51 AM: Restoring from SQL Backup on backup Restore type: Full T-7: MapError: unknown Windows error 3,156 Trouble writing files, error -1004 (Database Backup/Restore error) Is there a physical problem with the db structure? It works fine when creating reports from that DB.
  3. danno74

    SQL restores much slower

    Just a note, this works much faster when I backup the SQL dbs to the local HD, then restore from there. Got it back down to an hour, much better. Wonder, if it was a tape issue.
  4. Right now to restore SQL databases, we need to create one script for each database. We have a job running that restores ALL databases (90 of them) at the beginning of every month. So I have to go into each one and find the restore point and then kick it off, then move on to the next. Very annoying. Please please! Thank you!
  5. danno74

    SQL restores much slower

    Thanks for the tip, Retro Support couldn't give me that one, should send along to their reps tp make sure they take note.
  6. danno74

    SQL restores much slower

    We run two jobs at the beginning of each month, one to backup all SQL tables on this one server (X), and then we run a restore of this tape to another server (Y). The script for the end of month (EOM) backup run on X was lost because we have to remove the license and add it back in order to see new databases (very, very inconvenient btw). Since our tech recreated the job, the completion time has gone from 45min to an hr to 3 hrs. This is not due to space because the new SQL db is small since it is a new office. Verification is off. The time it takes to restore to Y is the same. Anyone know of any other settings I can look at? The server gets rebooted every week, it's not a server/memory issue, and the server is only running Retrospect. Please help, I'm getting heat because our EOM process needs to be as short as possible.
  7. danno74

    Fix in latest version did not resolve bug

    Thanks for the tip, sorry about the link. I have to reboot the server once a week because there are memory errors on the logs during the backup, and it stops jobs because of them (another problem). As soon as I was notified of the fix, I updated it and rebooted.
  8. Our weekly backup was interrupted with this error: OS: Windows 2000 version 5.0 (build 2195), Service Pack 4, (32 bit) Application: C:\Program Files\Retrospect\Retrospect 7.5\Retrospect.exe, version 7.5.324 Driver Update and Hot Fix version Exception occurred on 10/30/2006 at 7:50:44 PM Error info: Assertion failure at "tmemory.cpp-1709" Exception code: E0000000 ASSERTION Fault address: 7C59BC81 0001:0002AC81 KERNEL32.dll I don't understand because this link says this version has a fix that resolves this problem: http://kb.dantz.com/display/2n/index.asp...amp;r=0.9756433 Maybe the client isn't updated? I only have the server updated, would that resolve the problem? I hope not, because I know reinstalling the client requires a reboot, and I'll need to schedule it after hours on the servers. Thanks!
  9. We are trying to utilize Retrospect to backup SQL dbs on our main server, and then restore them to another SQL server, so that our month end data is available the entire month. I did another full set of backups for all live offices again late yesterday afternoon. When I tried to run the restore script, it didn't work, as the "source" backup was no longer on the tape (the original backup from yesterday morning). I don't get it - what good is scripting if you have to recreate the script everytime you do a backup? Especially when you have to do each restore separately? That doesn't make sense, there has to be something we're missing. There are many companies that do SQL backups on multiple databases every day, sometimes multiple times per day. Any ideas?