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    Retrospect 8 uninstall

    In the 6.3.029 there is no preference file in application support! Library/Preferences/ has a file "retroclient.state" f I open that with a texteditor it reads gfCS
  2. I the 6.1 manual it is recomended to run a regular backup script along with a server script. Is there any reason to not run two server scripts on alternating week days, but instead one (daytime) server script and one (night time) regular backupscript?
  3. I started with asking about the uninstaller in theRetrospect 6.3.027 client so that is obviously a Retrospect 8 question not restrospect 6. Unsupported or not 6.1.230 retro and the Retro 8 client with the logical name 6.3.027 (as to not confuse it with clients to use with old retrospect 6) actually works flawlessly with several computers running OSX 10.6! Our beloved IT-department is shutting down the linux IMAP mailserver forcing us to to migrate to MS exchange and also restricting us to 500 MB of email on the server... So we have to have 10.6 for best exchange support on the macs on one hand on the other hand it wrecks hawoc on some of the backups in Retro 6.1 the only backup system that I have a manual for and that works very nice still with the Win XP boxes. Thanks for the advice CallMeDave on the preference file I will try that. Hmm I went and looked for that file. I can not find it in Library/preferences either system or user library...
  4. Were the heck is the uninstaller hiding? There is a step called Installation type but as far as I can tell that it either install or repair. I get an actvator code conflict if I try to add by IP. If I try to log into the client for configuration I get an error 541 that the client either is not installed or not running As stated in my first message do state versions of software and OS and hardware. Sorry about "cater" I think I have heard it being used for taking care of various needs in a more broad sense but I seem to be misstaken. My only excuse for having been led astray is that english is not my mother tounge
  5. Retrospect 6.1.230 dual G5 2 GB RAM 10.5.8 Client 8.3.027 Intel mac 10.6 A client refuses to be logged in, while showing up on the network, atempts of logging it in gets an error that "the client is not running". On the client side the application is "on" So I tried to uninstall i, accoeding to the knowledgebase there are an uninstall option on the client installer. The problem is that the client does not cater for uninstalls and reinstalling does not remove what ever is messing with the client. Our department have been flying with Retrospect since the mid 90s, but it appears that we better look for a crashplan as Retro 8 is such a Dodo
  6. If you own the folder you can add a bullet to its name and that will exlude it from backup. This will not work for folders owned by system and applications as they most of the time does not take kindly to renaming folders
  7. DrBoar

    Retrospect 8 Users Guide

    Being "close" is as far from done as "allmost pregnant" is to pregnant.
  8. In Retrospect 6 exlusion of folders could be either files at that level or the exclusion would include all items enclosed in the folder. You also had that names could include or exactly match. For rules in exluding folders does that inlucede all enclosed items? In files does "music" also exlude "Music" A video on how to rule rules would rule! :banana:
  9. The rudimentary file filter selection with options such as "all files exept cache" does not cut it for me. Both Paralells and Fusion create very big files in the user folder. Thn we have all the mp3, wav and many other files I do not want to clog up the backup with. I really need more exclusion based on both file name and folder name
  10. multicasting for clients on the subnet never stop and they add on with duplicates, triplicates etc :confused2:
  11. DrBoar

    release rushed?

    AFAIKT the GUI and other manners of 8 have many elements and modes from Win 7.0-7.6. So more written doccumentation should had been aviable at the release of 8. :taptap: The online instruction videos are brilliant. Such a good way of showing the core function and handling/setting up the program :thanks: Thanks also for resurecting the moribund Macintosh version a relict from the AppleTalk Quadra and LCII 68xx generation and replacing it with a modern application. :banana:
  12. http://www.truecrypt.org/ Encryption algorithms: AES-256, Serpent, and Twofish. Mode of operation: XTS. Would be nice
  13. Using Multicast using 8 on intelMacs using 10.5.6 OS X (not OS X server) Multicast: Some clients but not all are listed muliple times. Up to at least 15, both win and Mac no obvious reason Use Subnet broadcast: Nothing is found (wired net with static IPs)
  14. Dear Mayhof I know that you have link encryption, but what kind? For the backup you have 128 bit, 256 DES bit I have not found any information on _how_ the link encryption works Thanks for the speedy reply
  15. The files have to be moved over the network from the clients to the backupmedia, be it a local disk or a NAS. How is this done?