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  1. More info, and I've finally resolved this to my satisfaction so I won't be experimenting any further. The problem turns out to be an interaction between Retrospect and the "Retrospect Launcher" service (retrorun.exe). Looking at this with Process Explorer I was able to see that the Retrospect GUI runs _under_ the launcher service, even if you start the GUI manually. When Retrospect runs under the launcher service, the optical devices vanish. Killing the launcher service (via task list, net stop "retrospect launcher", etc.) allows Retrospect to run on its own and the optical devices are visible. The weirdness around installation is easy to understand now - the install terminates the launcher service. The first Retrospect run after that is running on its own, so it sees the devices fine, but it ALSO starts the service itself, so the next run occurs under the launcher and misses the devices. Now, here's the fun part - the retrorun service was running under the SYSTEM credentials. I have Retrospect setup to always run under my administrator id. By switching the launcher to also run under my admin id, the problem is resolved - even running under the service, optical devices remain visible. I would advise folks having problems with their optical devices vanishing or never being visible check the credentials under which Retrospect itself and the Retrospect Launcher service are running - therein may lie your problem!
  2. I don't have an answer, but I do have some more information on this. To recap: WinXP SP2, Retrospect 7.5, (update 324 I think, I'm not at the machine right now). Symptom: Previously-working optical drives simply vanish off the device manager in Retrospect. The drives are still physically present and work fine with all other apps. Here's what I've recently discovered: if I install the latest update, for which I saved the executable, I can run Retrospect EXACTLY ONCE and see/use the optical drives (with no configuration needed) during that session. Once I close Retrospect, the optical drives are never visible again in Retrospect until I re-install the latest update again. Then they'll work again, once. Lather, rinse, repeat! To put it graphically: Optical drives invisible 1) Run latest update 2) Run Retrospect Drives visible! Usable for backup/restore! 3) Close & rerun Retrospect Optical drives invisible (return to top!) Note that no reboots are necessary anywhere in this cycle. What I haven't been able to determine is what is changing between 1, 2 and 3. There must be something in either the file system or the registry that is being changed and causing the breakage, but using both active monitoring (SysInternals filemon & regmon) and before/after comparisons I haven't been able to determine what it is, yet. I would certainly be interested if other people are seeing the same thing - if so, and you're willing to poke at it, maybe you can uncover whatever I've missed so far.
  3. I've resolved the problem, but it's not an ideal answer by any stretch! I uninstalled and re-installed Retrospect 7.5, using my original install source file (Retro-EN_7_5_251.exe) and a recent but not overly recent update file (Retro-EN_7_5_324au.exe). That brings my install to 7.5.324 with Driver Update/Hot Fix Retrospect immediately saw both DVD writers fine - one needs to be configured, the other was already configured and ready to run, and it's doing a backup set transfer at this very moment. It would appear I was right in my original post - the most recent patches I had applied to Retrospect which brought it to version 7.5.387 with driver update/hot fix at appear to have broken it. I don't like running below current patches if I can help it, so I'll try upgrading again one step at a time (after this backup finishes!) to try to determine exactly where the break occurs.
  4. Just a random guess, K ... is it possible that something has latched onto the drive (perhaps even Vista itself)? Is Retrospect "ignoring" that drive? You can check for the latter by right-clicking the drive on the Device screen. If it is simply being ignored, be aware that you can't just unignore it and refresh the screen - in another thread, TDUShane posted his discovery that when you change the ignore status you have to actually exit Retrospect and restart it for that change to take effect.
  5. The short answer is "Yes". In my environment I run a Linux server with the Retrospect client running on it, and I use Retrospect to take a daily backup of certain key directories and it works like a charm. Just make sure you have the appropriate client code for your Linux distro and that the firewall is allowing port 497. In order to backup both Windows and Linux from the same PC, you'd need to do one of two things. Option 1 would be to install the Retrospect client in both the Linux and Windows environments and run your backups when those environments are up. That's messy from a couple perspectives - first, I believe it would require an additional backup license since each of the opsys would count as a unique client. Second you'd have a tough time scheduling backups since you'd have to boot into the different opsys's to run them. Option 2 would be to mount the filesystems of one opsys under the other one (e.g. mount the Windows drives under Linux) and backup through the single client. You would just need to bear in mind that in a restore situation you'd have to locate the file through that mount (i.e. you'd possibly be looking for something like /mnt/winxp/cdrive/windows/explorer.exe, not c:\windows\explorer.exe).
  6. I've been using Retrospect 7.5 on WinXP SP2 for quite some time - most of my backups are disk-to-disk, but I take a periodic archive to DVD. This has worked fine for quite a while, but today when I went to perform the archive Retrospect's Storage Device panel reports "No tape or optical storage devices found". On the "Environment" tab it at least shows that it sees my "Toshiba DVDW/HD TS-L802A" version HP18, but it won't let me configure it. It does NOT show my USB-attached "TSSTcorp CD/DVDW SH-S182M" any longer. I've used both drives for backups in the past. Nothing in my hardware configuration has been changed. From a software standpoint, the only thing I can recall changing recently was Retrospect itself - there were recent patches applied and it's now running at version 7.5.387 with driver update/hot fix at These patches definitely went on AFTER the last successful optical backup - I'm not saying they're to blame, but I can't think of anything else that's changed aside from Redmond's usual patch cycles. Any suggestions on how to get Retrospect to see my two optical drives again?
  7. TDUSHANE, thank you SO much for posting your discovery here ... I had ignored a device deliberately to burn a CD while Retrospect was running and couldn't for the life of me figure out how to un-ignore it properly so I could run a backup. I was doing the same thing you had done - change from ignore to don't ignore, refresh, panic, repeat. Just goes to show that when you do figure something out you can help a lot of folks by posting your discovery back to the forums!
  8. cbarnabo

    After backup DVD-R verify shows erased

    Foster, You're right, I apologize ... I got so caught up in the "it used to work and now it doesn't!" mentality that I forgot to provide vital details. The drive is a Memorex DVD16+/-DL4RWID2 - not officially supported by Retrospect, but it has worked fine in the past after doing a custom configuration on it. Now is where we use this post to demonstrate that I live my life as a warning to others ... Somewhere, somehow, I broke Retrospect and this drive ... I haven't written a backup DVD since June so I don't know exactly where/when the problem occured. I've tried deleting the custom configs for it, backleveling Retrospect through various patch levels and installer levels, and nothing has enabled me to regain use of the drive to burn a backup. Even after repeatedly reconfiguring it (and burning up about $15 worth of disks in the process). That's because I'm stupid, stupid, stupid! :-) I kept trying to burn my test backup using an EXISTING backup set, and somewhere along the line it had obviously done enough to think the first disk was properly burned with at least partial data. So it kept prompting me for "1-Offline A" and complaining because I was giving it a blank disk. I didn't realize it was looking for a disk that actually had data on it because I never completed a backup to this set - it aborted midway. When I told it on a whim to skip the media, it sensed the blank disk, and happily began to write to "2-Offline A". So ... I don't know what broke or when, but I do know it was fixed a long time before now and was just too dumb to recognize it. :-) Lesson to others: If it looks like your drive isn't working, and you do a reconfigure, create a new backup set or skip to the next media before following in my footsteps! :-) Ok, go home, nothing to see here ...
  9. cbarnabo

    After backup DVD-R verify shows erased

    This isn't going at all well ... I removed Retrospect completely, reinstalled it, and I still can't burn to DVD. I know that I've burned with 7.5 in the past, but not sure which patch level that was at - clearly the latest installer is beyond that level. Rather than continuing to backlevel until I wind up back at 7.0 ... any ideas about other ways I can attack this "erased" media issue?
  10. cbarnabo

    After backup DVD-R verify shows erased

    Well duh ... found the direct link for ru768101.exe and it didn't take a lot of effort to figure out that the previous patch is at: http://download.dantz.com/archives/updates/ru757103.exe I just installed it and it does NOT correct the problem for me. I'm going to try falling back to the installer itself (http://download.dantz.com/archives/Retro-EN_7_5_324.exe) to see if that corrects the problem ... I seem to remember there being at least two updates since I installed it, maybe starting from scratch will clear things up. Edit: I reinstalled the installer (Retro-EN_7_5_324.exe) over my existing installation and Help->About indicates that the driver level has fallen back to But writing to DVD+-R still doesn't work. I also tried moving the drive from USB2 to Firewire, that didn't help either. I'm not convinced that all of the patch code is really gone, despite the levels Help->About is reporting. Is there anyway I can totally wipe + reinstall Retrospect without losing all of my configuration data? I've got quite a few backup sets, scripts, clients, selectors, etc. defined that I really don't want to have to recreate!
  11. cbarnabo

    After backup DVD-R verify shows erased

    I'm having a similar problem ... in my case, I wasn't able to even make a backup because Retrospect saw my brand new media (tried both DVD-R and DVD+R) as erased. Most of my backups are to hard disk and I was cutting an archive - on the off chance a recent upgrade screwed up the configuration of my DVD+-RW drive I did a manual reconfiguration of it and it seemed perfectly happy accepting DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, CD-R and CD-RW media during the reconfig. Afterward though, same symptom - brand new DVD media is shown as erased. I'd like to try undoing ru758101.exe if someone can point me at the previous patch ... (yes, I already posted that in another thread, but this one seems even more on-point to my symptoms so I thought I'd better share here too :-)
  12. David, I'm having a similar problem with DVD-R and DVD+R media and I'd like to try undoing ru758101.exe to see if that clears it. Where can I download ru757103.exe? Edit: nevermind, I found it and it doesn't seem to correct the problem. Following up in another thread.
  13. Thanks Waltr ... I uninstalled everything Retrospect-like from the Linux box and reinstalled the Debian package, everything's running great again. I'll stay away from the Update button except for the WinXP clients from now on!
  14. Well, now I've done it ... I had the Debian Linux client working just great, but after installing 7.5 on the backup server I updated the clients and managed to break it. Before I go mess things up further - is there a procedure for installing/upgrading to the 7.5 client on Debian? Thanks! -- Chris