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  1. nekr0phage

    Upgrade Retrospec professional to sever edition

    Yes, a Server or Single Server license will allow you to continue using Retrospect after the OS is upgraded.
  2. Hi, You might want to take a look at this article which covers the basics of ESEUTIL and ISINTEG - two Exchange utilities: http://www.msexchange.org/tutorials/Exchange-ISINTEG-ESEUTIL.html
  3. nekr0phage

    disaster recovery iso file is too big to burn to disc

    Bauchille - It would still matter what disc you use in the sense that you would need either a Pro or Home disc with the appropriate service pack. Using some sort of predefined selectors would be a good idea, but it would probably be more effective against applications rolled onto the disc - drivers might be needed during the restore. Also, it might still be necessary to have different selectors for different versions of Windows. Gorby - I saw your original posts, I don't know what to say in your case. I do know that I have used DR succesfully on seveal different systems, and I cannot think of a reason it why it does not work for you.
  4. nekr0phage

    Problems writing over old tapes

    Hi, You should be able to erase the tapes with any application or utility and have Retrospect use them. What does it say when you attempt to erase the tapes in Retrospect? Could you provide some information on your setup?
  5. nekr0phage

    Error -540

    This was a bug, it was fixed, you need to update.
  6. As I mentioned previously you could pretty easily determine if this is isolated to your burner by running a backup of the same source to a different destination - perhaps a disk backup set.
  7. Quote: Guess Retro hasn't caught up with Vista yet. This can't be done XP to XP either. You would be trying to run applications on an operating system without the additional framework put in place during the installation process (registry keys, dll's, whatever else). Not to mention many applications need to be patched to work properly on Vista.
  8. nekr0phage

    V7.5, Email and Email Attachements

    Jeff, It sounds like you've already crafed a custom selector to deal with part of your needs. You'll need to build on that selector to include email from particular clients if for some reason attachments are stored in their plain file format. I know with outlook you only need to worry about the pst file, however I'm not overly familiar with other clients. You may need to employ nested arguments for specific clients you are dealing with, something like the following: Includes (files and folders) named "Thunderbird" - and Includes (files) named *jpg You might also use a selector as a reference in the arguments, so that your statement appears more like: Includes (files and folders) named "Thunderbird" - and Matches Selector "Media Files" Either way you'll need to do some testing using the Check Selector option.
  9. nekr0phage

    broken catalog file prevents grooming

    Quote: I wouldn't like to make a habit of wiping the back up set. Absolutely not - that rather defeats the whole purpose of grooming. I'm sorry, I really couldn't say what is happening here. I would think the most likely opportunities for the catalog to take damage are during the read from the backup, in which case there is a problem with the backup that is not apparent otherwise, or while writing to the disk, which you should be able to reasonably well eliminate by saving the catalog to another drive. That is, unless it's not the drive itself, but the cable or controller that is causing the problem. However, if it were a problem with your hardware, I would think you'd see indications of that elsewhere.
  10. nekr0phage

    sync 2 folders

    Keep in mind that duplicate is a one way process, it does not 'sync'.
  11. Another thing you might try - mind you this is just a shot in the dark - use ASPI rather than NT Passthrough. You can install ASPI from the exe located in the Retrospect application folder (aspiinst.exe). This will require a reboot. Then, in Retrospect, go to Configure> Preferences> Media Handling and select the option to Use ASPI to communicate with devices. You need to relaunch Retrospect, but you should then see ASPI listed on the Environment tab rather than NT Passthrough.
  12. nekr0phage

    7.5 Professional Ignorant Restore question

    The disaster recovery disc is designed to restore your entire operating system, you won't be able to do a simple file restore when booted from the disc.
  13. You might try removing the log file - you can find it in C:/Documents and Settings/All Users/Application Data/Retrospect.
  14. nekr0phage

    disaster recovery iso file is too big to burn to disc

    There is limited free technical support for Retrospect, this has been standard for a very long time. The person you corresponded with is probably a customer service rep and likely does not have any training or experience troubleshooting the problem. The response to this problem is repeated over and over again in this *public* forum. The makers of Retrospect cannot control what version of Windows you are using, or what extra stuff is rolled onto an installation/reinstallation/repair disc by vendors. That is why certain requirements have been identified in order to produce a usable DR image. Again, this is a public forum, as in user to user.
  15. Quote: ...and know how to use just about every program there is. Yeah right. I'd settle for people reading the Getting Started section of the UG. Unfortunately, that will likely never happen.