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  1. It happens just as soon as the compare of the local volume is complete and retrospect switches to a client volume. It's retrospect 6.0.178. I tried an immediate backup from the same client to the same backup set and that worked.
  2. I keep getting this error as soon as retrospect tries to back up a windows XP client. The client seems to show up fine in the configuration dialogs and I have updated to the lates drivers (6-5-136). As long as the backup source is on the Macintosh it works fine. any idea what's wrong and how to fix it? bobgreenblatt@msn.com
  3. Retrospect 5.0.201 on OX X 10.1.3. I back up to a internal SCSI hard drive. I have several volumes on a windows machine that I also want to backup. Backup works fine. The recycle backup backs up the entire vlume as desired. However, an normal backup to the same backup set also copies all files in the volume, when I know that few, if any, have changed. Older version of Retrospect in OS 9 did this properly, however in OS X the entire volume seems to always be copied taking much to much time and space. Whant can I do to make sure that the normal backups oly backup the changed files on the external PC volumes?