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  1. So I've used Retrospect Workgroup backup for some time to backup a peer to peer workgroup of 14 Win9x, NT, XP machines. I just purchased a network attached storage device (NAS) which runs the appliance version of Windows 2000 Server. I've installed the Retro Client on the NAS but when I tried to add the NAS to my backups, surprise, surprise, not allowed! Retrospect says "You'll have to upgrade to the server version." I suppose Retrospect Workgroup only allows a single server type OS, and that server has to be the local machine? That seems somewhat silly to me, what if I don't want my server to be busy backing up the workgroup, but serving files or other serverly tasks? I'm a bit perturbed about this for the following reasons: 1) It's not windows 2000 server, it's some appliance version. 2) I only have a single "server" in my workgroup. Why does it have to run Retrospect? (Although I doubt it is able to run retrospect, but I could be wrong.) What are my options? Can I upgrade to Retrospect Server from Workgroup? I certainly don't want to have to ditch my existing software and buy a fresh new version. Is there a workaround?
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    Workgroup won't backup Server?

    Thanks for your response. I guess my question is: I only have one server (or in this case, machine running a server OS though not really acting as a server, per se) in the workgroup, why does it have to be the same machine that is running Retrospect? It seems that it would be trivial to make the software check it's own operating system, realize that it is not running on a server OS machine, and then allow 1 server client per workgroup. It only seems fair. 1 Workgroup = 1 Server. It bothers me that the answer to the question is "upgrade for $300." Can I buy a client license for 1 server? I know the answer to that is no, and I know it seems like a small thing, but this has made me look bad as the IT guy in a small company. I say "I'm sure that Retrospect will work with this NAS, it's just another PC client." Ooops. Guess I got burned by the fine print. Dave