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    Copying a retrospect hard disk backup

    I guess you could have just added a new drive to your backup set. Retrospect would then just start backing up to the new drive when the old one was full. If the old drive is fine (as in reliable and not obsolete / giving concern) there is no need to replace it with a bigger one. I have several large (>1TB) backup sets across several drives / devices. Perhaps not ideal, but I re-use old hardware where I can.
  2. cfieldgate

    Retrospect Launcher service not working

    P.S. I am a Brit living in the UK. Clearly I read too many US technology posts ?
  3. cfieldgate

    Retrospect Launcher service not working

    As I said in my post, an AD account isn't strictly necessary - a local account (on the PC running Retrospect) with access to the destination shares (on a Synology NAS?) works just fine. Just make sure the accounts have the same username/password - I even setup a mapped drive to be sure I had access, although I did not use the resulting drive letter within Retrospect. The share Volume I declare by running the Retrospect Client on the NAS (but even that isn't strictly necessary) - you can just set up the Backup Set with the \\NASname\Share method. The key thing is setting up the Retrospect Launcher Service to login with a user account which you define (in your case a local account on the PC) that has access to wherever you want the backups stored, and in Retrospect Preferences set Retrospect to run as the logged in user - which will be the same user as the Retrospect Launcher as it will fire up Retrospect at the appointed time set in your scripts.
  4. cfieldgate

    Backup error or not?

    I have just checked - in the Retrospect Client on the NAS both Volumes are selected and sub-volumes defined.
  5. cfieldgate

    Backup error or not?

    Hi, I have put a new drive in my NAS (single disk volume) and have recently been getting this message: Backup Set member "7-Backup - Archive": error -1116 (can't access network volume) However, the backup says it completes with no errors or warnings! I do get an email with this message: Script zBackup - Archive (Maggie): waiting for media I am running Retrospect The NAS is running a Linux client
  6. cfieldgate

    Backup error or not?

    Yes, I am accessing the RAID 6 array (source) on the NAS via the Retrospect Client - as it is setup as a Volume. I need to check if I have set the single disk (destination) as a Volume (which would then also use the Retrospect Client) or whether it is simply accessed via SMB (v3 or v2, as v1 is disabled for security reasons). As my NAS is a DS1817+ I doubt the (4 core) CPU is being overloaded, but I guess its possible.
  7. cfieldgate

    Retrospect Launcher service not working

    Nope, no Windows Server here. I am running Active Directory on my Synology NAS courtesy of Samba. Retrospect runs on a Windows 10 Pro PC, not on the NAS (obviously, as the NAS is Linux based). So i think even using a local account (which I used to do) will work for you. The reason for my using an AD account is simply to provide central management of accounts and their access privileges in my home lab.
  8. cfieldgate

    Retrospect Launcher service not working

    Haggis999, Perhaps I have misunderstood your thread , but I use the Retrospect Launcher to fire up Retrospect every day to run my scripted backups regular as clockwork. I have set Retrospect Launcher service to login as an account I have set up for backups in my AD (i.e. a non-local account) which has access to my NAS shares used for backup storage, and not as the default System account. I also have Retrospect set to run as the logged in user - which when automatically launched (by the Retrospect Launcher) will be my designated AD account. I have no UAC issues and have no need for a link in the startup folder. This has worked in ever yversion since 7 that I have purchased (I have missed out several along the way).
  9. cfieldgate

    Does Restore require Write access?

    Many thanks to you both for replying - your advice is noted and appreciated - and has given me other reliable / trusted options to try. I have a SATA removable drive bay in one PC which I can use (and a CD drive), so I wasn't planning on going USB, and I have other NAS boxes to copy the recovered files to. I will of course test my solution thoroughly before relying on it. The Linux live CD approach sounds like the best option for me. But I will also try out the Paragon driver https://www.paragon-software.com/home/linuxfs-windows/ as an academic exercise (a free 10 day trial licence is available).
  10. Hi, A simple question I couldn't find a direct answer to. I have a disk formatted in BTRFS housed in a Synology box (as a single disk volume) which I use for Retrospect backups. If the Synology box fails, but the disk is fine, can I restore from the disk if I put it in a Windows 10 PC with a read-only BTRFS driver (Paragon)? Basically,, does the Retrospect Restore capability require Write access to the storage mediocre or not?
  11. cfieldgate

    Backup error or not?

    Hi Scillonian, To explain - my NAS is both a destination for PC backups and a source for my photo archive backups - hence installing the client on it (although I know this is not strictly necessary). I have a dedicated PC that runs backups and Retrospect. It has a number of local disks to use for backup storage, but also my NAS. The error pops up on occasion, but not always. It didn't today but it did yesterday. No files had been added on either day. For this backup it is both the source and the destination - one volume being the source (RAID 6, 5 disks) and another volume (1 disk) as the destination. It is this 1 disk it seems to have a problem with 'finding'.
  12. cfieldgate

    Backup file matching problem

    Hi, I have recently installed a new production server (NAS) to hold my >6TB of image files. The old sever is now to be used as the primary backup server. I used rsync to copy the files across so the modified dates / attributes have been retained but the creation dates have changed. Both run Retrospect clients (Linux 64 bit). I also hold a Retrospect backup on another server (without a Retrospect client). This was backed up from the old server that is now designated a backup server. When I now backup up from the new production server Retrospect does not recognise that the vast majority of the files are the same, and proceeds to attempt to backup the entire >6TB! Is there a way around this? It will take >2 days to do a Recycle Backup. I run Retrospect v10.5.0.110 on Windows 10 Pro PC. I run Retrospect as the logged in user with the Launcher Service run under a local admin account - I could not get it to start under a Domain admin account. The backup PC starts from a BIOS timer and shuts down again on completion. PCs / Laptops are fired up using WoL in the Scripts.
  13. cfieldgate

    Backup file matching problem

    Thanks Lennart. I feared as much. It looks like I will need to find an appropriate time to fit this in.
  14. cfieldgate

    No connection with Retrospect iOS

    OK, thanks Scillonian. I have just tried your suggestion but it didn't work for me. I also tried switching off the Windows 8 firewall but that made no difference. So I am stumped for now.
  15. cfieldgate

    No connection with Retrospect iOS

    Hi, A short while ago I rebuilt my backup PC (which runs Retrospect Desktop) with Windows 8 (don't go there, please). As my backups run nightly I don't often use Retrospect for iOS but I tried it today and it no longer connects. I note that when I try to "Add a Server" with the "+" icon it asks for "Server" and "Password". Previously I recall I just put in my backup PC's IP address. So, what password should I be using?
  16. Hi Ron H, I am sorry, but this won't be of much help :-(. I have successfully used the DR process with Retrospect v9. After creating the DR image I put it on a PXE server so I can network boot any of my PCs with it. I then navigate to the correct backup and snapshot and restore. I have done this a few times and the restore times didn't take that long - a hour or so. The only issue I have had is that occasionally it seems to have trouble connecting to the NAS share where the backup is. Normally trying to connect again works. All my PCs are built with only Windows and applications on the C: drive. All user data (including My Documents etc.) is on a separate physical drive which I restore after restoring the C: drive. Additionally, I have created base images (O/S with all updates at the time of creation and the main applications) for my PCs using Microsoft's Deployment Workbench and the ADK. I can restore these from my PXE server too, giving me a clean build. I am wondering whether perhaps the backups you have are the issue - perhaps there is some file corruption?
  17. cfieldgate

    Backing up a NAS device

    ecomatt - I have responded to your PM.
  18. cfieldgate

    Clients not accessible after reinstall

    That's what I would have thought. But since I have restored the entire C:\ProgramData\Retrospect folder - which includes config77.dat file (and it's backup) - I don't understand why the Clients are no longer accessible. BTW - I am running Retrospect v9.0.1. OK, so I ended up rebuilding the PC as before (using the LiteTouch process) and doing exactly the same file copying as before. It all works now! The only issue was redefining the local drives in Volumes and fixing up any scripts that used local drives.
  19. OK, so this probably won't affect too many people I guess. I have rebuilt the PC I run Retrospect on using Microsoft's MDT 2013 / ADK tool set. This allows me to install / refresh the O/S and the apps that I want in a clean and controlled fashion and restore the PC to a specified User State. Retrospect is one of the apps. After the rebuild I copy back the catalogs (to My Documents of my Backup account) and the configuration data (to C:\Programdata\Retrospect) and configure the Launcher service to start Retrospect with a my Backup account credentials (which has access to my NAS shares). I can then use Retrospect with all of my configurations and logs as before. All this works fine. However, my Clients are no longer accessible. I have to delete them and add them again, which is a real pain. I'd really like to avoid this - when I restored the configuration data I assumed this would cover the Clients too (it restores the Licence Key, scripts etc.). So where is this Client information stored?
  20. You are not alone. I have been getting these on a new backup only.
  21. cfieldgate

    Mac Book Pro Compare Errors - normal?

    Lennart, Thanks for the reply. No user was logged in at the time - so far there is only one user account. That's what is puzzling.
  22. OK, so I bought my son a Mac Book Pro for Uni (lucky him!). It's a first for us - we are PC throughout, except for our NAS boxes. As it only had OSX on it (Mavericks) I thought I'd run a full backup using Retrospect v9.0 (on Windows) - I downloaded and installed the Mac Client on it and also ran a Time Machine backup to a USB G-Drive, which executed flawlessly. I have had Retrospect for many years and have not had many compare errors to worry about. So I was surprised with this Mac when it chalked up 22. Is this normal? As I am not very familiar with OSX I am not sure it this is to be expected or not. Btw - no user was logged in at the time. See below: Log for Script: User's MacBook Pro - Full Date: 20/08/2014 + Normal backup using User's MacBook Pro - Full at 20/08/2014 16:30 To Backup Set User's MacBook Pro... - 20/08/2014 16:30:18: Copying Macintosh HD on User�s MacBook Pro runDoRequest:thd 0x1330: wantCreate is default on search for 1-User's MacBook Pro, uniqID 0xad007d00 20/08/2014 16:59:37: Snapshot stored, 167.0 MB 20/08/2014 17:00:49: Comparing Macintosh HD on User�s MacBook Pro File "Macintosh HD/.MobileBackups/Computer/2014-08-20-154329/Volume/Users/username/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome/Default/Last Session": didn't compare File "Macintosh HD/.MobileBackups/Computer/2014-08-20-154329/Volume/Users/username/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome/Default/Last Tabs": didn't compare File "Macintosh HD/.MobileBackups/Computer/2014-08-20-154329/Volume/Users/username/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome/Default/Extension State/LOG.old": didn't compare File "Macintosh HD/.MobileBackups/Computer/2014-08-20-154329/Volume/Users/username/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome/Default/IndexedDB/https_www.google.co.uk_0.indexeddb.leveldb/LOG.old": didn't compare File "Macintosh HD/.MobileBackups/Computer/2014-08-20-154329/Volume/Users/username/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome/Default/Local Extension Settings/pafkbggdmjlpgkdkcbjmhmfcdpncadgh/LOG.old": didn't compare File "Macintosh HD/.MobileBackups/Computer/2014-08-20-154329/Volume/Users/username/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome/Default/Session Storage/LOG.old": didn't compare File "Macintosh HD/Library/Preferences/com.apple.MCX.plist": didn't compare File "Macintosh HD/private/var/audit/20140820144325.not_terminated": different data size (set: 41,533, vol: 41,658) File "Macintosh HD/private/var/db/systemstats/C3F88191-8397-4059-978A-9A54A9BFA80E.powerd.events.ytZsJk.stats": different data size (set: 1,616, vol: 1,682) File "Macintosh HD/private/var/db/systemstats/C3F88191-8397-4059-978A-9A54A9BFA80E.system_events.periodic.Ge0a4r.stats": different data size (set: 44,719, vol: 51,220) File "Macintosh HD/private/var/db/systemstats/snapshots.db": different data size (set: 32,501,760, vol: 33,787,904) File "Macintosh HD/private/var/db/systemstats/snapshots.db-shm": didn't compare File "Macintosh HD/private/var/log/retroclient.log": different data size (set: 61,624, vol: 176,596) File "Macintosh HD/private/var/log/retropds.log": different data size (set: 1,672, vol: 491,570) File "Macintosh HD/private/var/log/system.log": different data size (set: 391,157, vol: 393,391) File "Macintosh HD/private/var/log/asl/2014.08.20.G80.asl": different data size (set: 299,084, vol: 300,035) File "Macintosh HD/private/var/log/asl/2014.08.20.U0.G80.asl": different data size (set: 206,771, vol: 208,176) File "Macintosh HD/private/var/log/asl/StoreData": didn't compare File "Macintosh HD/private/var/log/com.apple.launchd.peruser.89/C3F88191-8397-4059-978A-9A54A9BFA80E.launchd.events.72QXty.stats": different data size (set: 7,980, vol: 10,124) File "Macintosh HD/private/var/log/DiagnosticMessages/2014.08.20.asl": different data size (set: 305,980, vol: 306,876) File "Macintosh HD/private/var/log/DiagnosticMessages/StoreData": didn't compare File "Macintosh HD/private/var/log/module/com.apple.securityd/security.log.20140820T144400Z": different data size (set: 6,588, vol: 6,720) 20/08/2014 17:27:42: Execution completed successfully Completed: 516391 files, 20.8 GB, with 0% compression Performance: 815.8 MB/minute (833.4 copy, 799.0 compare) Duration: 00:57:23 (00:05:24 idle/loading/preparing) 20/08/2014 17:28:00: Script "User's MacBook Pro - Full" completed successfully
  23. cfieldgate

    Compare Errors

    James, Are you using the Block Level Incremental option in Retropect v9.0 and is the file in question that does not compare over 100MB?
  24. cfieldgate

    "appears incomplete" message

    Hi, I am getting a backup error of "appears incomplete" - see below: Log for Script: Bart 7 - User Date: 04/05/2014 + Normal backup using Bart 7 - User at 04/05/2014 03:16 To Backup Set Bart 7 - User... - 04/05/2014 03:16:57: Copying User RAID 1 (E:) on Bart Using Instant Scan Backing up 0 files using block level incremental backup. 04/05/2014 03:19:32: Snapshot stored, 28.1 MB 04/05/2014 03:19:37: Comparing User RAID 1 (E:) on Bart File "E:\Louise\My Pictures\Trial run 007.mov": appears incomplete 04/05/2014 03:19:44: 1 execution errors Completed: 58 files, 20.9 MB, with 0% compression Performance: 138.7 MB/minute (104.0 copy, 249.7 compare) Duration: 00:02:46 (00:02:28 idle/loading/preparing) 04/05/2014 03:19:48: Script "Bart 7 - User" completed with 1 errors I have previously replaced this file from another backup (pre v9) but the message remains. Any ideas what's going on?
  25. cfieldgate

    "appears incomplete" message

    Ron, My one "appears incomplete" error occurs on a client backup of a Win 7 Professional PC desktop machine. The backup of this file copied to a NAS as a test is also a client backup (I run the Linux client on the NAS - it's a v7.7 client though). That backed up fine, so I am beginning to suspect that the Retrospect v9 client is the problem rather than the "server" application, which seems to fit with your experience. I am not getting any "didn't compare" errors though. Does the error message for these give any more information?