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  1. Hi again, It seems that it didn't work for long. during the weekend I got the error again on all clients. What else can I do? Best regards Pål Eilertsen
  2. I have disabled the write cache as you said and it seems to be working now. Although I need to run the backup a few times more in order to be sure. What implications does it have for the regular use of the Maxtor drive? Is it a performance penalty? Pål
  3. Hi, I have the Retrospect Backup, Multi Server v. 6.5.350 running on a Windows XP Pro SP2. I sometimes have a problem with error -641 while backing up to disk media. I have a Maxtor 300 GB external harddrive. I back up several clients and every other day I get an error -641 on one or more of the clients. Error -641 should indicate data curruption on the backup set. But as fare as I see it the error is completely random. I can run the script once and get an error on a client and then run it again and it works fine. It seems odd that this should happen, either the data is corrupt or it's not, right? Anyone how knows why this happens or can help me fixs it? Best regards Pål Eilertsen
  4. Hi, The tapes erases just fine. I have also installed the 6.5.350 and things seem to work now. Pål
  5. I have a Dell PowerVault 110T using LTO2 tapes. I have not used any other media then LTO2 tapes.
  6. Hi, I will try what you are suggesting. On another note; I have rebuilt the catalog now and are trying to backup, but I get an error that I need a new tape. When I try to select the tape allready in the tape streamer Retrospect tells me that "The tape cannot be added to this Backup Set. It is to different from the other media in the set." What does this mean? Pål
  7. Hi, I am running Retrospect Backup Multiserver 6.5.336 on my Win XP PRO SP2 and recieve this error when doing my monthly backup. This is the second month that I do the backup and I got the same error the first time. That time I did a repair/recreate on the catalog and it workd fine afterwards. Today I got the same error when trying to backup, and I have started a repair/recreate again. As I am backing up 280 GB of data to a LTO 2 tape drive it takes a long time to recreate and I am not willing to have to do this every month. What am I doing wrong? best regards Pål Eilertsen