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  1. ldamario

    Finally Gave Up on Retrospect 8

    I guess what they say is true: "your mileage may vary". My "mileage" was unacceptable.
  2. ldamario

    Finally Gave Up on Retrospect 8

    Thanks for the suggestion, but I am moving on to something else.
  3. After struggling for more than a year to get Retrospect 8 for Mac to work reliably, and wasting a lot of time, I have finally given up. The latest problem was that when I started Retrospect to do my weekly backup, it asked me to add a license. The license number I had was rejected as invalid. There were many other problems, too numerous to mention. I wish I had never upgraded to Retrospect 8. Retrospect 6 worked just fine. Is Retrospect 6 still available?
  4. ldamario

    Editing Media Sets

    Grooming worked, but it took a long time, and it didn't reduce the size of the media set as much as I had hoped. I reduced the number of file versions from 10 to 4. I think the next time the media set gets close to the maximum size allocation, I will just select the recycle option.
  5. ldamario

    Editing Media Sets

    I am in the process of trying the grooming option.
  6. ldamario

    Editing Media Sets

    How does one remove old backup data from a disk media set?
  7. ldamario

    Losing Information on Past Backups

    At least there is a reason for what's happening. How will I know when the new release is available? Thanks.
  8. For the second time in two weeks, when I started up Retrospect (version 8.1.622), I see that information on past backups has been lost. The windows for “Activities†and “Past Backups†either do not show anything or have incomplete information on past backups. Now, after performing backups and closing Retrospect, I am making a copy of the /Library/Application Support/Retrospect folder. Can I restore the mission information by replacing files from this saved folder? What files need to replaced?
  9. Where are the preferences? I cannot find any file like that.
  10. I managed to restore the Media Sets from the catalog, and that also automatically restored the data base for Past Backups. I had to manually recreate the backup scripts and restore one of the Sources (the other computer on my local home network). That wasn't too bad. I think everything is working again. But I am concerned that this can happen again.
  11. When I select Retrospect: About Retrospect, is says the version is 8.1.622. I don't know how to distinguish between the console and the engine. I do backup everything on my computer. If someone can tell me where the preference file is located, I can restore it from the most recent backup.
  12. Today, when I started Retrospect 8, it asked me to type in my license code, as if I had just purchased or upgraded to Retrospect 8. Neither was true. I typed in the license code that I had from the original purchase, and Retrospect started up. However, the windows for Activities, Past Backups, Scripts, and Media Sets are now blank. The Sources window does show my local hard disk and locally mounted volumes, but not the other computer on my local network. Is there a reason why this happened, and is there any way to restore the information that was lost? Lou
  13. ldamario

    Update Alert Message

    Thanks. That fixed it. But this is not intuitive, since the automatic update that I had already done seemed to be doing the same thing.
  14. I recently upgraded to Retrospect 8.1.156. Now, whenever I start up Retrospect, an Update Alert window is displayed that says: Please update the console and server to the latest versions. Below the text, there are two buttons: Update and Cancel. If I click on Update, I am directed to the Retrospect download web site. But I don't see any updates for the console and server. What's going on?