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  1. Yes, it does work. I'm running Windows Multi Server V16.1.2.102 and I was able to CTRL-Click more then one snapshot and it deleted/forgot them.
  2. Hi, It would be real time saver if we would be able select multiple snaphots to forget in a disk based backup set. As it stands now you can only select one at a time, shift or control click doesn't work. Thanks, Johnny Mac
  3. johnnymacgo problems

    I updated Retrospect server to V15.6.0.302 on 11/7/2018 and haven't had that problem since.
  4. johnnymacgo problems

    Me too. Over the weekend I had the same type of freeze\hang with the console stuck at "Finding next-computer-to-backup". I'm running Retrospect for Windows Multi-Server V15.5.0.179 which I upgraded to last week. Before that I was running V15.1.2.100 for a while for no issues. It's on a Windows 2012 R2 server and the only thing that changed was the upgrade of Retrospect. The backup computer is running Windows 10 Pro 1803 64bit agent version V15.5.0.179.
  5. johnnymacgo

    Backups "freeze" part way with no error

    Over the weekend I had the same type of freeze\hang with the console stuck at "Finding next-computer-to-backup". I'm running Retrospect for Windows Multi-Server V15.5.0.179 which I upgraded to last week. Before that I was running V15.1.2.100 for a while for no issues. It's on a Windows 2012 R2 server and the only thing that changed was the upgrade of Retrospect so I suspect its and issue with V15.5.0.179. The backup computer is running Windows 10 Pro 1803 64bit agent version V15.5.0.179.
  6. Well since I started this thread back in 2010 I wanted to let everyone know that it looks like this feature is finally here! This is from the just released V15.5 release notes: FixedSnapshot: Allowed multiple snapshots to be selected for deletion (#7477) Yaa!
  7. Hi, Since I upgraded our Windows Retrospect Multi-Server from V10.5.0.110 to V11.0.1.106 I'm seeing the following error intermittently: stfiDoBackupOne: error -1101 (File/directory not found) on C:\Windows\wlansvc\Polices\. and 43,392 others stfiWaitForBackupDone: Operation terminated, (file/directory not found) Trouble reading files, Error -1101 (File/directory not found) 8/16/2016 8:11:52 PM: Trouble copying folders, error -1101 (file/directory not found) ddex=48,675 (I'd paste more info from the operation log but for some reason this forum won't let me paste) This problem is new to V11.0.1.106. It happens to different Windows backup clients at different times. It even started happening at another customers site! I logged a call with support and they said I was seeing those because I don't have the Open File Backup license. I find that hard to accept since we never had Open File backup before and never had that error before the upgrade. They also said I was the only one to report it but like I said, It's happening at two totally different customers. The Windows clients were also upgraded to V11.0.0(252). So the reason for this post... Is anybody else seeing this error? Thanks! John
  8. BTW, this problem has been fixed in Retrospect V12.1 for Windows.
  9. johnnymacgo

    Can't download 11.5 update

    Hi, You can download V11.5 from here: http://www.retrospect.com/en/support/downloads Your V11 license should work for V11.5. I did for me (I have MultiServer) Johnny Mac
  10. Hi, I'm running Retrospect for Windows Multi Server V10.5 to two USB disks. Retrospect started crashing recently with an Assertion failure at "elem.cpp-1145" while backing up a Windows Laptop that was recently upgraded to Windows 10. I logged a call with Retrospect support. They had me rebuild the catalog file on the USB disk and that fixed it. I hope this saves you some time if you run into this, Johnny Mac
  11. You don't say what version of Retrospect you are using. I use Retrospect for Windows V10.5 Multi-Server and I have already used that method. I had a client/laptop that the hard drive died on. I hooked my usb disk with the latest Retrospect backup on it directly to the laptop (that same disk also has the catalog on it). I then booted the laptop off of the DR CD and prepared the new disk on the laptop. Did a full disk restore. When the restore was done I removed the usb disk and the DR CD and the laptop booted off the newly restored boot disk just fine.
  12. We have had a Dell TL4000 with a 48 library slots and an LT04 tape drive for 7 years and it was very reliable. We just bought a Dell TL2000 with 24 library slots and an LT06 tape drive and so far it's been running great. Both of these are SAS BTW.
  13. johnnymacgo

    8.5 client bind to address/adapter

    Since upgrading from Windows Multi-Server V8.5 to V10.0.2.119 I have had multiple clients that were also upgraded to V10.0.2.119 bind to the wrong IP address (usually on our iSCSI SAN). Working with Retrospect support we finally found that you shouldn't use -ipsave but use /ipsave instead. So the full commands would look something like this: C:\Program Files (x86)\Retrospect\Retrospect Client>retroclient /ipsave 10.10.0.?? I didn't need to restart the Retrospect service. This created the following registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\Software\\Wow6432Node\\Dantz\\Retrospect Client\\6.5\\BindListener This didn't happen to all clients with multiple IP, just some of them. I suspect that one's that worked wouldn't after a reboot until that registry key is created.
  14. Hi, What version of Retrospect Server and Client support Windows 10 fully? Thanks, Johnny Mac
  15. johnnymacgo

    Retrospect Support for Windows 10

    Thanks Robin. BTW, Windows 10 has been released in the US Lennart.
  16. Hi, Looks like config77.dat finally got replaced with configs.xml as per the release notes for V10.0.1.103: Engine: configs.xml, which replaced Config77.bak for speed and robustness, does not import all settings including client volumes and network subnets (#5316) Looking at the Retrospect V10 Users guide and it references config77.dat instead of the new XML configuration file on page 462: Moving Retrospect If you ever decide to switch backup computers, you must do more than just install Retrospect and your backup device on the new machine. You must move some other files to the new backup computer in order to keep Retrospect’s preferences, clients, catalogs, scripts, and schedules intact. To move Retrospect to a new backup computer: 1. Install Retrospect on the new computer. 2. Copy the Catalog Files (with name extensions .rbc and .rbf ) from the old backup computer to the new computer. 3. The default location that Catalog Files are saved is ..\My Documents\ Retrospect Catalog Files. 4. Copy the configuration file (Config77.dat) from the old backup computer to the new computer. On page 463: Configuration Backups Retrospect’s configuration file contains your client database, scripts, schedules, preferences, custom selectors, and other important information. Retrospect uses the configuration file, named Config77.dat, located in the folder in which the Retrospect application resides or at the path: ..\Documents and Settings\All Users\ Application Data\Retrospect\ Each time you exit Retrospect, it automatically saves a backup copy of Config77.dat in a file named Config77.bak. You should back up this file regularly. If your active configuration file (Config77.dat) is ever lost or becomes corrupt, delete it then open Retrospect, which creates a new Config77.dat from the Config77.bak. And a few other places. Can someone from Retrospect give us some more information on the new XML configuration file, how it's used and if the old Config77.dat file is even used anymore with V10? Is there going to be an updated Users Guide with this information? Thanks, John MacGown
  17. I ended up logging a support ticket with Retrospect to get some answers. Here is their response: Details on the new .xml file can be found at: http://www.retrospect.com/en/support/kb/migrating-from-bak-to-xml-configs Please make sure you are using the 10.0.2 version of Retrospect, since it contains bug fixes related to the .xml file. Yes, both of those files are being used by Retrospect 10. I am not sure when the user's guide will be updated. I will remind our documentation team that this is missing from the docs.
  18. This is from the V10.0.2.119 release notes: Fixed: tape device issue which prevented dragging tape from drive to library slot (#5283) I'm not sure if that applies to V9.5.3.103 though.
  19. That's very interesting. The config file used to contain the settings for the scripts, clients, license codes and where the backup sets are located. If you started out with a new config file all that should of been lost. So did that change in V9.5?
  20. Hello, Our Exchange 2010 configuration is setup the same way. Our client access server role is on a different server then our mailbox server. Can somebody please confirm if Retrospect cannot access the Exchange 2010 mailboxes? We are looking into buying the Retrospect Exchange agent. Thanks
  21. Agreed, Mac Retrospect Clients don't have this problem. Does anybody know if this was fixed in the new Windows V8.5 Client?
  22. --> This company needs a regular newsletter to its customers to keep them from losing hope and jumping ship. <-- Agreed. And if things don't start looking better on V8.1 we are going to start looking at Microsoft's DPM.
  23. johnnymacgo

    name of config file

    RE: Richy_Boy: --> It's about time they created a config export tool, which would allow us to export the config (which would also do a corruption/fix process), then we could wipe and reapply all our settings quickly. <-- I couldn't agree more. My config file gets corrupted on a weekly basis now. How I get around it is I delete all the execution history and it works for another week or so. If I do end up creating a new config file it takes me about 4-5 hours to get it right. Johnny Mac
  24. johnnymacgo

    Error 1111 (locked range conflict)

    There is an option called "Force Backup of Microsoft Outlook data" that will let Retrospect close Outlook to backup its data files. It's located under Windows -> Outlook and might be worth a try.
  25. There is a fix to some grooming issues in Retrospect for Windows V8.0. From the release notes located here: http://kb.retrospect.com/articles/en_US/Retrospect_Article/Retrospect-8-for-Windows-Release-Notes/?q=8.0+windows+release+notes&l=en_US&fs=Search&pn=1 "2413: Fixed a bug that caused repeat occurrences of Grooming error -2241 even after catalog rebuilds" I groom my disk backup sets once a week and run into grooming issues every other month or so. I end up recycling the disk backup set and then do a Transfer Backup Set from my most recent tape backup set to the newly recycled disk backup set. It's a pain to do but I'm not ready to move to V8 yet.