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  1. Apologies for the long delay in updating this thread. Among other things, I have been very busy supervising a house extension. I must confess that I never noticed Lennart's reference above to antivirus software, but about two weeks later I found a suggestion in some other forum that made me suspect that Microsoft Windows Defender (which now seems to be called Windows Security) might be the cause of my problems. Within its Ransomware Protection settings there is an option called 'Controlled folder access'. I turned off that option on 29 July and my daily Retrospect backups have been running fine ever since! One strange byproduct of using the 'Controlled folder access' option is that I found my attempts to save a modified Word or Access file under a new name was rejected on the grounds that the file did not exist. Of course the file didn't exist. That error message made no sense at all. I can only assume that Microsoft introduced a bug into into its security software via a recent update.
  2. Retrospect has a mind of its own. I have changed nothing since yesterday's 'Catalog File is locked' error, but today's backup worked just fine.
  3. Yes, the new drive has been running for several days. The size of 'Backup Set NAS1.rbc' is 527,579 KB. The properties box for that backup set tells me that it is using 1,440.8 GB for 619,113 files. Copying the RBC file to my C drive and then copying it back again to my G drive made no difference to those properties. It also failed to fix the locked catalogue issue. There was a grooming event shortly after this backup started working again a few days ago, which erased around 118 GB from the backup, so file count issues seem very unlikely. I opened up the Secret Preferences and wound up the debug logging setting for Backup Sets and Catalog Files to 99. However, this setting was rejected and it was automatically set to 7 instead. I then attempted once again to run the backup job. It failed almost immediately, just like before. The only differences in the log file were the top 2 lines shown below. ArcPro::DbExportToXML: no volRef returned for 1-Backup Set X ArcPro::DbExportToXML: no volRef returned for 1-Dell 7500 Backup Y + Normal backup using MyDocsBackupToNAS at 09/07/2019 22:30 Can't add to Backup Set Backup Set NAS1, the Catalog File is locked 09/07/2019 22:30:16: Execution incomplete
  4. Hi David, The last time I paid for an upgrade purely in the hope that it would fix a long-standing bug, it proved to be a waste of money. I'd be happy to pay for v15.5 if I felt more confident that it was going to fix my current problem, but a bug fix for cloud backup does not immediately appear relevant to my situation. That KB article is all about issues with troubleshooting email notifications and that's something that has never ever been a problem for me.
  5. Sadly, the problem did not stay fixed for very long. Once again, I am getting the following emailed warning from Retrospect. This backup job worked fine the previous day and I had made no changes of any kind. From Retrospect: Script "MyDocsBackupToNAS" failed during automatic execution, error -1017 (insufficient permissions). Please launch Retrospect and check the log for details. The log doesn't repeat that reference to error -1017. It simply reads as follows. Can't add to Backup Set Backup Set NAS1, the Catalog File is locked 07/07/2019 13:00:02: Execution incomplete.
  6. I share your pragmatic attitude to such situations. While it would be nice to know why that fixed the problem, my only real concern is that it stays fixed! The space on my primary NAS is indeed getting a bit tight and I plan to add a fourth disk to my Synology Hybrid RAID array in the near future. If there has been a drop in performance it hasn't been obvious.
  7. Hi Nigel, Thanks for the useful explanation of how chkdsk differs from S.M.A.R.T. I copied all the files from the G disk that displayed S.M.A.R.T. errors in CrystalDiskInfo to my new disk and modified the drive letters so that this new disk is now the G drive. Sadly, this made no difference to my problematic Backup Set NAS1. Retrospect still told me that the catalogue was locked. However, your suggestion to copy the catalogue file to my C drive (and redefining the Backup Set accordingly) eliminated that problem and the associated backup job completed without error. I then recopied the modified catalogue file back to the G drive and ran my backup again from there (after ensuring that at least one file had changed). This also worked without error, so it looks like my problem may have been resolved. I'm very grateful for your assistance on this, though I'm not quite sure how copying the catalogue was enough to unlock it.
  8. I have now downloaded a free tool called CrystalDiskInfo, which provides S.M.A.R.T. analysis of internal drives. This gives a health rating of 'BAD' for my G drive, mainly due to a Reallocated Sector Count of 3 (it also places a warning flag on the figures for Current Pending Sector Count and Uncorrectable Sector Count). It therefore seems odd that chkdsk claims there are zero bad sectors. Since I am also getting low on space, that has prompted me to order a new and larger disk.
  9. I think running chkdsk via a command prompt is just the same as running Properties > Tools >Error checking for the relevant drive (which is what I did originally). The results were the same: Windows has scanned the file system and found no problems. No further action is required. 976759807 KB total disk space. 945051668 KB in 323994 files. 173624 KB in 30000 indexes. 0 KB in bad sectors. 639471 KB in use by the system. 65536 KB occupied by the log file. 30895044 KB available on disk. 4096 bytes in each allocation unit. 244189951 total allocation units on disk. 7723761 allocation units available on disk.
  10. Both problems occurred at about the same time and I had already speculated that a Windows update might have been the cause, but my PC is still running version 1809 of Windows 10 Pro, which I think has been the case for some time. I'm not quite sure what disk checking utility you mean by 'surface scan'. Are you referring to chkdsk /scan?
  11. Earlier in this thread, I stated that "My Retrospect security preferences are set to run as the logged-in user. My normal user login has full control over the relevant catalogue file." I have just saved a Wordpad document in the Retrospect catalogue folder, closed and reopened Wordpad and was able to successfully save changes to that document, so normal access to that folder on my G drive does not seem to be a problem. However, a couple of very old apps (AutoCAD 2000i and Quicken XG 2004) recently started to have problems writing to my G drive. I've run the normal Windows disk checks, but no faults were found.
  12. The G drive is simply one of the three internal disks installed in my PC.
  13. I have a folder called 'Retrospect Catalog Files' under My Documents, which is stored on the G drive of my PC.
  14. My attempt to repair the catalogue failed with a -1017 error, so I did my best to follow the above-mentioned troubleshooting process. Both my PC and the relevant Synology NAS have been rebooted Retrospect has been started manually after stopping a couple of RS processes in Task Manager As an initial test, I ran a restore of a single file from the affected Backup Set (called 'Backup Set NAS1'). This restore was successful. Backup Set NAS1 is only used to back up files stored on my PC. The Synology DSM interface tells me that the NAS has 143.5GB of free space. This NAS is used for one other Backup Set (for Outlook emails) and a daily digital image duplication task. The PC hard disk that holds all my RS catalogue files has 30GB of free space RS itself is stored on my C drive, which has 62.1GB of free space The Members tab of the Properties box for Backup Set NAS1 shows that it is currently using 1,562.0GB with 8.7GB free space. I opened the Properties box for that member and increased the max size of the member to 1,580GB and clicked OK. This then showed that there was now 26.7GB free space. After closing and reopening the Properties box for Backup Set NAS1, the sizes had reverted to the previous settings and once again there was only 8.7GB free space As mentioned in a previous post, the Add button on the Members tab for Backup Set NAS1 is greyed out I initiated the MyDocsBackupToNAS job that has been failing (after limiting the scope of the backup, in light of the limited free space), but it failed almost immediately with the Operations Log listing the error "Can't add to Backup Set Backup Set NAS1, the Catalog File is locked. Execution incomplete." I then tried once again to run a Repair Catalog process, using the Recreate from disks option. The selected disk source folder was 1-Backup Set NAS1 and I took the option to recreate the catalogue file under the original name. This instantly failed with the error "Couldn't create Backup Set Backup Set NAS1, error -1017 (insufficient permissions)."
  15. I'm still using version, as the new features provided by later updates are not of any interest to me. I have previously paid for an update in the hope that long standing bugs would have been fixed, but that assumption proved to be wrong, so I'm not rushing to get 15.6. I have not yet had time to attempt your troubleshooting recommendations (for which I am very grateful), as I have been busy sorting out a new router. However, I do remember fixing problems in the past by rebuilding a catalogue, so that might be my first port of call.