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    Retrospect and Legato

    Quote: Yes, unfortunately. It may be suitable for backing up a small number of servers, but for many (20 or more) clients it's practically unusable. So we went to Retrospect. I find that answer to be interesting. Legato is the scalable, enterprise product, not Retrospect. If you had problems with only 20 servers, I suspect your issue was either user error or a unique conflict in your environment. Still, you didn't answer my question. Does it do the same type of backups (progressive, grooming, etc.)?
  2. Has anyone used Legato Networker? Does it do progressive backups like Retrospect, create snapshots, do disk grooming, etc.? I like Retrospect, but since it doesn't support MS Clusters, I can't even consider it. Thanks!
  3. Use google. Most any D2D manufacturer out there still recommends duplicating backup data to tape for redundancy and/or archive storage. It's just industry standard, and for good reason. Tapes are cheap, small, transportable (for offsite keeping), and much less fragile than disks. It just rounds out the entire backup strategy. Disk storage can be troublesome. Imagine if you lose a disk and/or RAID controller. Rebuilding the volume doesn't always go as planned. I wouldn't trust my archive to disk only, even if it was on duplicated on seperate storage arrays.
  4. Eublet

    Retrospect's Future?

    Hey, JHG I wouldn't consider a Sony drive in any circumstance, much less when it's going to be used in a backup environment. It's not that I'm dogging Sony in particular. But when you can buy something like Plextor, why get a Sony or an HP drive? Plextor drives are simply the best, and they don't cost much more than their alternatives.
  5. Eublet

    Snapshots - essential? Process?

    A big reason why everyone was so disappointed when Microsoft decided to remove WinFS from the upcoming Longhorn. It would have theoretically solved a lot of problems that exist in NTFS.
  6. Eublet

    hypothetical grooming question

    Nate, Thanks again for the response. I understand the resource issue during grooming. I'd rather schedule the groom to occur during off hours. What I'm concerned with is that I took what you said earlier to mean that a gooming function that occurs at the time of backup due to a full disk will ALWAYS delete everything but the last 2 snapshots. I did reread the last line of the polcy on the grooming screen. It says "at a minimum", leading me to believe it will delete as much as necessary up until but not including the last 2 snapshots. As I mentioned in my previous post, I'd hate for users to add a bunch of files that caused the disk to fill up during the next backup, then discover that Retrospect deleted all but 2 snapshots, when it could have deleted just a few to make room for the new data. I just don't see how the policy as stated could communicate that. If this is indeed the case, I'd think it would need to be in bold print. Thanks for all the support! Jason
  7. Eublet

    Question on how the software works

    Not here, or anything in the same "class" of backup software as Retrospect. Expect to spend large amounts of money to get this feature.
  8. Eublet

    Not that happy with retro

    Charging for advanced options is common across most every backup platform. If you're a small guy or company who doesn't need the options, it works to your advantage not to have them bundled in a higher-priced package. If this is what bothers you, then any other package you look at is going to bother you as well. If you don't like the interface, don't use the program. That's why they offer a trial, so you can find out for yourself. I find the interface to be nice and refreshing from other programs I've used. And lastly, working for a software company myself, it's very labor intensive and costly to support multiple languages, and very often the expenses incurred by doing so aren't recoverable in revenue from the user group that speaks said language, especially for a less spoken language like Dutch. A language like Spanish or Chinese would be different.
  9. Eublet

    hypothetical grooming question

    Nate, I've been thinking about this some more. I understand that a scheduled grooming job is best so that it doesn't occur during the backup window. But I'm not sure why a grooming function that occurs at the time of backup would be so "over the top" in doing it's job? According to the documentation, and the description right in the window where grooming is configured on a disk set, the policy is configured to let Retrospect know what to do "when the disk becomes full." The description even details what order Retrospect will use to delete snapshots. Why then would it then delete all but two snapshots? Another thing, even if I run a scheduled grooming job, the disk can potentially become full as the data being backed up increases. If I have Retrospect groom according to the default policy, I'd expect it to start deleting the oldest snapshots as needed (CPU/RAM issues aside) to make room for the newer data. This is clearly what the defaul policy says it will do, and no where in the manual, the help file, or anywhere else does it describe doing what you have mentioned. I guess my question is, are you sure about this? I'm hoping not. Regards, Jason
  10. Eublet

    hypothetical grooming question

    Thanks, Nate. So if I don't groom manually or schedule a grooming script, the automatic grooming that occurs at the time of backup will delete everything but two snapshots? If so, then I would assume that the two snapshots it keeps are the two most recent? Thanks, again.
  11. 1) Tape drives usually only reach their rated capacity when you're doing multistreaming/interleaving. Also, if compression is enabled on either the source or destination, this could cause things to slow down tremendously. 2) I've heard of this happening some when using USB/Firewire devices. Personally, for anything other than a couple machines in a non-bussiness environment, I wouldn't depend on any type of USB/Firewire device to provide reliable backups. If you have that many clients, then you probably have the resources to purchase some type of internal or SCSI external solution. Performance and especially reliability isn't even comparable.
  12. Eublet

    Most files on client PC not backed up...

    Are you sure these files actually reside in that users profile, and not in "allusers"?
  13. Eublet

    Window 64 bit

    Does the platform matter, i.e. Itanium vs. EMT64?
  14. Eublet

    Most files on client PC not backed up...

    How are you selecting "My Documents", via a custom defined volume, or a selector?
  15. Eublet

    Most files on client PC not backed up...

    Which session? How many sessions are there for that machine? It won't backup all the files if they're already backed up in a different session.