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    Retrospect does not see mapped drives

    Well, you may be surprised (if not disappointed) with this answer, but assuming you have the Professional version, you need to install the Retrospect Client software on each network client you want to back up. Two clients are included with Retrospect Pro. You need to buy two extra client packs if you want to back up all four. After installing the client software on all four machines, you should then be able to locate the clients from your machine by going into Configure/Clients and then clicking "Add..."
  2. crofttk


    Two days, and you give up and burn all your bridges ??? Good luck with that strategy ! Watch out for that doorknob.
  3. Quote: ...Is the drive supported?.. The way I read an excerpt from this page: http://www.emcinsignia.com/supportupdates/technical/retrospect/device/, "Hard Disk Drive/Removable Note: All Hard Disk Drives and Removable Media Drives are fully supported (excluding Floppy Disk Drives).", it is.
  4. crofttk

    Retrospect 7.5 Released

    OK, I guess I'm enough of a noob that I'll ask the obvious: If I have Retrospect Professional for Windows 7.0, am I entitled to the 7.5 release for free ? In other words, is this an "update" for me or an "upgrade" I must pay for ? If so, where do I get it ? When I navigate to updates, there are nothing but old Macintosh updates and one OLD Windows client update. Otherwise, do I simply download the trial version and then, after installing it, enter my 7.0 activation code ?
  5. crofttk

    Passwords and Clients

    Quote: ... i do not know where to find the client tools section to reintroduce/change passwords. (it is not in the regular tools section of Retrospect).. Are you looking in the client application or in the server application ? I don't believe there are client tools in the full program on your server machine.
  6. crofttk

    Error during progressive backup

    Locate the flawed snapshot/session, tell Retrospect to "forget" it, and then run a manual groom on the backup set. I would then recreate the backup set catalog from the current backup set contents to be safe.
  7. crofttk

    backup to 2 external hard disk's

    What mlts just wrote is what I do. I keep both of my external hard drives hooked up and just use each on alternate days. However, I don't know for sure being relatively new, I think if you wanted to limit this strategy to one backup set, then you would need to designate each drive as a MEMBER (i.e., backup device destination) of the one backup set. I think then you can have Retrospect simply look for one "member" when the other isn't present.
  8. crofttk

    Most files on client PC not backed up...

    Thanks, Winston, for an instructive thread ! };-)
  9. This can also be picked up from the "User's Guide", especially if you use the "find" function loading the PDF version into Acrobat Reader.