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  1. I see thanks. Thats a bit of a problem because we plan to send an incremental backup offsite over a 2Mb line so the size of the backup is a issue. In the case of a disaster what exactly would I lose from not backing up the entire server and only the mailboxes? Just the server config?
  2. I can see with the Exchange agent you can either backup “Exchange server” or “Exchange mailboxes”. I assume “Exchange server” means everything is backed up but if I want the ability to restore individual mailboxes occasionally will I also need to backup the mailboxes? Will this double up the amount of data backed up from Exchange?
  3. Thanks Nate, just tried that and it appears to have done the trick!
  4. I’m having a problem with a new Exchange agent that I have recently added to our server. At first it appeared to work but after a few days it stopped backing up. Now when trying to select a source the Exchange server is greyed out and apparently not licensed. When I try to select it and use my licence Retrospect crashes with the following error: Assertion failure at “elem.cpp-986” Retrospect runs as is a domain admin and there are emails in this users mailbox. I have also tried creating another user who is a domain admin with mailbox but to no avail (as advised by tech support). This is a big problem because our Exchange server is not being backed up. Can anyone help please?!