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  1. Hi Anyone, I have just run into this problem and wondering if there is any fix to this besides what is posted as a workaround. I have a Mac OSX Server 10.4.6 with RAID shared volumes. On occasion, the Owner/Group/Guest perrmissions change to WR/R/R with ACL giving full control. The work around is to have Retrospect auto mount the volume. If I do not do it this way, it will give me a -5000 error message on the verify and output an execution error message from the Retro App. I know I may be missing some info, but this has just drained me. If anyone has some knowledge about this. I would appreciate any help you can give me. Thanks. Jeffrey jardo@gll.com
  2. I guess I thought I was in there already. This is what's on the top of my window " Desktop, Workgroup and Server for Mac OS X"
  3. I have upgraded my retrospect from 6.0 to 6.1 and after the upgrade, some of my back up tapes have been showing up with a little yellow Icon, indicating it is a WORM tape. This is a Qualstart 22 AIT 2 tape device. I have been using these same tapes in the device for over a year and never had a WORM icon. I have erased them in a different tape drive, which didn't work. I have removed and replaced my bar code, thinking it was reading something from the bar code. They are the same sony type tape as the rest of the tapes that show up with a blue Icon. How can I get Retrospect to see these tapes as Blue Icon/ readable??? Many thanks to anyone that answers. Jeffrey