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  1. Peter, Has the 115D worked out for you? I had a Pioneer DVR-107D in my E-mac and it died recently. Have you been able to read your previous backups with this drive? Or were all those dvd-r coasters? Please let me know your experience will be helpful in helping me to make a decision. Thank you for your assistance.
  2. Howdy Mike! Thanks for your suggestion. But I have been down that path. I have tried to track down every CD/DVD drive on the list and I can not locate a single one. From what I can tell, none of the drives that are currently on the list are available from the major suppliers. Thanks for your help. Have an enjoyable summer day in the City of Lights from the Entertainment Capital of the World!
  3. :rollie: Can anyone suggest a CD/DVD drive currently available on the market, for use in my E-mac. {I don't care if I have to purchase it from the manufacturer [(on the moon)???], though shipping costs would be a killer} I am presuming that because the drive will not open on its own accord and I can not burn a set of files to media in the drive, that it is dead. Any suggestions. Thanks!

    Deleted Custom Configuration

    Howdy Robin! I had been using Retro Version 6.1.126 with Retro Driver Update ver. before my GOOF. After I decided to update to Retrospect ver. 6.1.138 Retrospect Driver Update, ver. and that is when my problems worsened. This version requires that I use only DVD+ instead of DVD- which is supported by my Drive: Pioneer 107D (Apple). What do you suggest? Jean
  5. Howdy! Ok! I messed up. My system was working fine and in trying to fix the issue where my DVD was not showing in the Finder, I decided that I needed to "Delete the Custom Configuration for Pioneer DVD-RW DVR 107D". I have spent 2 days trying to recover my ability to back up to DVD. NO LUCK! I can not locate any files in the TRASH that look like Retrospect files or that have a deletion time and date matching my GOOF. Today, after installing Retrospect ver. 6.1.138; Retrospect Driver Update, ver., I was able to get Retrospect to successfully configure my E-Mac to use CD-R media. I have been all over the site and have tried to download (ftp://ftp.dantz.com/pub/updates/rdu61.dmg) and have been unsuccessful. I believe that this file has RDU 5.1.103 which is the Minimum Driver Update that is certified to work with my Drive. How do I fix, this problem, I know someone out there knows. Thanks for your assistance. Mr. Jean Letourneaut
  6. Howdy! How can I go about transferring Version 3 Storage Sets to Version 6.0.204. I have some rather large storage sets that I wanted to keep intact. I have a new E-Mac running OS X 10.3.9 and an old...old Power Mac running OS 8.6. I know that I have a network issue because the Power Mac can see the E-Mac but I can not in reverse. I am hoping to transfer all the files to the E-Mac and either keep the Storage Sets on the E-Mac and/or transfer them to DVD's, hoping to use the least number of DVD's as possible. Most of the Storage Sets are either on 90 Mb Bernoullis or 100 Mb Zip Disks. Thanks for your advice. CityQuickPrint

    How do I transfer storage sets?

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