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  1. Here is a portion of the log file: + Normal backup using Proactive Desktop Backup at 7/6/17, 1:45:10 PM 7/6/17 1:45:12 PM: Finished scanning backup set data files To Backup Set Media Set A... - 7/6/17 1:45:10 PM: Copying Macintosh HD 7/6/17 2:05:05 PM: Found: 731508 files, 173897 folders, 74.2 GB !Trouble matching Macintosh HD to Media Set A, error -641 (chunk checksum didn't match) + Executing Rebuild at 7/6/17, 2:07:38 PM To Backup Set Media Set A... Scanned /Volumes/Backup Set A/Retrospect/Media Set A/1-Media Set A/ up to backup set data file index 974 Using fast rebuild 7/6/17 2:09:24 PM: Finished scanning backup set data files !Can't load source session tree for 6/29/17 10:57:14 PM, error -641 (chunk checksum didn't match) 7/6/17 2:15:42 PM: Execution incomplete Completed: 344,219 files, 87.2 GB Performance: 14,409.1 MB/minute Duration: 00:07:42 (00:01:29 idle/loading/preparing) + Retrospect version Launched at 7/6/17 2:32:08 PM + Retrospect version Launched at 7/6/17 2:50:27 PM + Normal backup using Proactive Desktop Documents at 7/6/17, 2:51:24 PM 7/6/17 2:51:24 PM: Finished scanning backup set data files !Can't load source session tree for 6/29/17 10:57:14 PM, error -641 (chunk checksum didn't match) To Backup Set Media Set A... - 7/6/17 2:51:24 PM: Copying Macintosh HD 7/6/17 3:07:49 PM: Found: 731508 files, 173897 folders, 69.3 GB
  2. Hello all, I have a machine with Retrospect 14.1.0 (138) that I am using disk backup sets connected via USB to a 2007 iMac with 10.11.6 El Capitan which is the latest it can run. I get regular error -641 chunk checksum errors. When I get them, it appears the backup is toast. Two questions, 1 why are they happening, and 2 how can I recover. I have been fight these for over a year on previous version and I am just about feed up. If it helps, retrospect is spontaneously restarting from time to time too. John
  3. This is what Apple System Profiler shows: MATSHITA DVD-R UJ-875: Firmware Revision: DA09 Interconnect: ATAPI Burn Support: Yes (Apple Shipping Drive) Cache: 0 KB Reads DVD: Yes CD-Write: -R, -RW DVD-Write: -R, -RW Write Strategies: CD-TAO, CD-SAO, DVD-DAO Media: Insert media and refresh to show available burn speeds
  4. That is what Retrospect shows. Panasonic DVD DL, ATAPI-A:0:0
  5. Not sure either. Cool be a red herring. Anyway Driver update (i.e. latest) and Retrospect version 6.1.138.
  6. Anyone else having trouble with Retrospect backing up to a DVD and getting trouble communicating errors? This backup is to a DVD in a Macbook Pro 17" 2.6 with Panasonic DVD DL drive (Superdrive from Apple). These backups were fine until today after the update. Thanks, John
  7. o How reliable is the transfer of backup sets for a full restore? OS X is pretty finicky about missing files; if even one odd little system file is not copied over, the full restore might result in a faulty system setup. I take it that you were able to do this without incident? Yep. No problems. It should work fine. o Can one do a full restore from a file set, stored on the volume to which you are restoring? I don't want to partition this drive, and I don't have second drive large enough to hold a file set for the restore. Yes. You can do the restore from the restoring drive. No partitioning necessary! My only problem was the time it took to effectively do two restores. Hope this helps! John
  8. Been there. Done that. I am convinced the Retrospect is deleting something needed to mount the media (same thing happened to me with a MO drive). Once you have a bootable disk, convert your media backups to a file set and then restore. That works! That was the only way that I could restore my Cube when the drive died! Hope this is feasible and works! John
  9. And if you don't have a VXA drive elem-c:812 errors will result! Retrospect 5.0.205 (with RDU 2.6) G4 Cube Dyna MO 1300FE Firewire MO Drive Mac OS X 10.1.4 (5Q125) This error occurs when the catalog is updating (before the verification): John
  10. IrenaS, I know you are not deleting file to keep the disks from mounting. I still believe (from what I have witnessed) that deleting some of the Kernel Extensions is what is keeping the disks from mounting. You delete the "obsolete" files. When the disk is unmounted, the system unlinks the dynamic module. When the system next tries to mount, oops, no extension to load and no mount! This is consistent with the disk mounts before deletes, doesn't mount part of the way through, and will mount again later. John
  11. Hello again, Removable media users beware! If you do a disk restore, Retrospect can delete some system files that will cause your second disk not to mount. I had to copy my disks to a file set backup on the hard drive. I am about 1/2 of the way through the restore and it working fine. After the restore started, I tried to insert an MO disk. It wouldn't mount. I tried it after I saw some System files replaced, and it now mounts. Dantz, you need to keep some of the files in the System folder and just replace them when you get to them! Otherwise, some removable disks will not mount! John
  12. Hello all, I am definitely stumped! Retrospect does not recognize subsequent MO disks when doing the full restore. The first disk is OK. All subsequent disks are not recognized (and then the system won't boot from the partially restored backup)! HELP! John
  13. Hello all, I had my internal HD of my G4 Cube to die. I have not been able to get my HD restored yet! I have found two problems so far. 1) After Retrospect had deleted the files that needed to be replaced, my MO disks would not be recognized by the Computer. Re-install everything. Try again. 2) Retrospect told me that the device was busy (at the same point). Re-install everthing. Betweeen 1 and 2 I had write protected the disks. That is what is causing the second problem. In the process of trying a third restore. I hope this one is much more successful! Dantz, the device is not busy when the disk is write protected! John PS: Has anyone else tried doing a complete OS X restore with a Fujitsu MO backup? Did you get it to work? How!
  14. Hello folks, I just got an elem.c-812 assert. The backup was started yesterday and had been waiting for a MO disk for about 16 hours. When I put the new disk in it asked to erase the disk and then quit with the error. Retrospect 5.0.205 - Fujitsu Dyna MO 1300 FE drive. Mac OS X.1.4. G4 cube with 384 Meg of memory. Brand new Easy Script backup. Thanks, John