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  1. Hi: We are currently trying to spec out a new server to offload some clients. Apple apparently is not shipping the PPC version of Xserv any more, and I'm frankly a bit scared to run Retrospect on an Intel Mac. I honestly have no idea where to go at this point. Apple is in a huge state of flux with the chipset change, and I can't really blame the retrospect folks for stalling for that reason alone. As I've said in other forum posts, it has saved the company money not having to buy updates. You bring up a good point John, that in a mixed win/mac enviroment we are stuck, since mac servers can't back up XP serrvers, and i suspect doing a full OSX restore from a PC Retrospect server would be a joy. I guess personally I will continue to look at other options, while cursing both Apple and EMC. For what its worth, the server guys at work tell me its basically the same with all backup solutions. They all have their issues and gripes. Thanks Mayoff for your fourm attentions though. Its nice. -Shon
  2. Hi: Err, I was using Retrospect with A/UX, do i get a share of Twickland's prize? My impression is that Retrospect uses a 56 bit DES cypher. I would imagine this is very breakable, given some money, and know how. A quick internet search might point to some companies that could help. I'd think it would be like getting data off broken hard drives, don't even bother if your not prepared to spend thousands on it. -Shon
  3. Hi: I used a company called disk-o-tape, out of Cleveland. Their phone # is 800-932-8273 . I've always liked their service, and they have VXA barcode labels. The prices from Jan/Feb 06 are .95 each, lots of 20, and .25 in lots of 1000. You can select a code, and a range. Again, I use this vender for tapes too. They know thewir stuff, and the prices seem cheap. Hope it helps. -Shon
  4. For what its worth, I've had very good phone support from Atto. This was a few years ago, but they went out of their way to help me. Can the LTO3 stream properly over a LAN? Are you using gigabit ethernet? Sounds to me like a kernel crash, which would indicate hardware. -s
  5. Tape drives aren't the most reliable things out there. I seem to go through them every three years, but I've had some go bad much earlier. I just remember to keep the box and try to buy from folks who are willing to cross-ship new drives out. At any rate, its not LaCie. I use Exabyte drives, and they usually ask me to do a lot of odd things to get the drive working too. Easier to fix it on the phone than take a shipment hit I suppose. Good luck. -s
  6. Hi: Be sure you're using firmware 13204 (latest firmware). My tape capacities went way up with that version, apparently they put some code in to deal with the LSI SCSI chips that Apple/Atto use. I also really like Exabyte due to the tech support. They seem knowlegable and willing to take the time to help. -Shon
  7. Hi: I've at least noticed how retrospect only seems to use 1gb of ram. I assume its related to the old code base its based on. No idea what the -24062 error means, sorry. -s
  8. I agree with Russ. The Dantz (I can't be bothered to type out emcinsignia) folks in the past have said the error 206 is always passed from the tape drive to the software. I've never used AIT's, but with the drives I've used, the tech folks recommend running the cleaning tape 3-5 times in a row to try to blow off crud from the heads. How old is the drive? I've found about 3 years is max for tape drives life span. hope it helps, shon
  9. Hi: My guess would be either a scratched/dirty CD, or a failing CD drive. I've seen drives begin to fail such that some disks will boot and other's won't. -s
  10. Hi: The network people here tell me Retrospect uses multi-casting broadcasts for their discovery. I believe you'll need to get the networking guys to open a hole for the autodiscovery to work. Hope it helps. -s
  11. Hi: For what it's worth, when I need to do full restores in OSX, I attach the computer to the backup system via firewire target disk mode, and do a full restore to the formatted drive. The only issue with this is I then need to run Disk Warrior to bless the system volume. I suspect a CLI command at single user mode might be ableto do the same thing, but Disk Warrior works for me. I've done this trick about 10 times, and have never had any problems with the end computers, but your milage may vary. As I read a bit further, i see your backing up to a firewire drive. Apple warns not to do external firewire disk mode with another firewire drive attached, so I'm not sure if this would work for you or not. Dave, I've wondered the exact same thing as you. How do you know what OS version a user is running? Ask the user? Our users can tell you if they are running on a mac or a PC about half the time, so asking them if they are running 10.4.7 or 10.4.6 is not an option. Plus, the windows machines get forced automagic upgrades, we don't do that for the macs. -s
  12. Hi: As I mentioned in another thread, our (Multiple folks at work) experience here paints a bad picture of those drives. Apparently they aren't cooled enough, so if you get them really humming they burn up. Do some net searches, and I think you'll find people have tips for keeping them cooler. good luck -Shon p.s. It is too bad about Retrospect and support. Honestly at this point, I'd just wish they'd update the Mac version of Retrospect. They are literally not making money, because the software is so old. I have a req here from 3/2004 for almost $1k.
  13. Hi: My thoughts. 1: buy Disk Warrior and run it. From what you've said the 'smart failure' isn't the hardware smart thing to me. 2: How is the temp where this thing is at? We see a lot of failures of RAID enclosures, like the LaCie Big Disks due to a lack of cooling.. Not sure if yours is like this, but I'd make sure they aren't over heating. Good luck. -s
  14. For a while, i was doing a lot of catalogue rebulds. A full rebuild scans in tape 1, then will ask you if there are more, and will keep doing that through the tapes. If you have a lot of tapes, it takes a long time, and a lot of babysitting, since it ignores what's in the autoloader. "update catalogue" is for corruption on theend of the storage set. The system goes to the end of the storageset, and then checks the last tape. Testing is always a good idea, but this is the general idea: Say you have 20 tapes, and you regularly save storagesets. If the current set dissapears, and you've got a saved copy from, say tape 15, you'd do a 'update catalogue' and it would sniff the end of tape 15 and ask for tape 16. Saves time. Also, sometimes it will say something like 'chunksum error' and ignore the whole storageset. backed up earlier copies are a good thing. Of course they can't be backed up to that storageset. I run backup server, and stop it at 3 every morning for a half hour and do a duplicate of the storageset folder. hope this helps. -s
  15. Hi: One thing I've learned about using Retrospect for Macs is at the first sign of trouble, you need a PC running XP and the tape vender's software installed on it. This would be the first place I'd go, although I realise many places may not have those kinds of resources. I don't use LTO tapes, but don't they have a WORM option? Another thought, the drives I use (VXA) have a hardware test if you hold buttons down during load, it will test the drive. As Lennart says, you can't bulk erase them. Makes me wonder if these wern't bulk erased themselves. At any rate, I'd go 'standard' with a PC and vender test software. I believe the ATTO card will work on a PC. Hope it helps. -Shon