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  1. Hi All, I've got an HP Ultrium Gen 2 tape drive. If I reuse an old tape (that was originally used with BackupExec), Retrospect will ask me if I want to erase the tape, I say YES, and the tape works fine until it is full. That's great. We just got a box of new tapes. They are exactly the same media as the old tapes (genuine HP media, same part #, etc.), and if I put one of these new tapes into the drive, it spins for a while, then ejects the tape. I can't do anything with them. What am I missing here? Thx. --Matt
  2. I'm a consultant who has been using Retrospect Single Server for a while now, so I'm pretty familiar with how it works, but up to this point, most of my clients have only wanted to keep a rolling backup of maybe 2 months or so. If a client wants to retain some data indefinitely, that's a pretty small amount of data, and we back it up manually. I just got a new client who has about 200GB of data on their server and another 200GB of data spread across several workstations. So that is 400GB of constantly changing data, live on the drive. They want to retain everything. Forever. I was figuring on running a disk-to-disk backup that would alternate between two backup sets every month. This covers me for the short-term recovery of files that might accidentally be deleted. What are your suggestions for archiving data on a long-term (forever) basis? To me, tape drives are like dinosaurs. I haven't seen one in a long time, but is that my only option? Online services seem pretty expensive too. --Matt
  3. mattzees

    Files do not compare

    Is it possible that the folder structure might have something to do with it? Some of those files were buried many folders deep. --M
  4. mattzees

    Files do not compare

    The files are on their way as a ZIPped attachment to an email named "ZIP files from Mattzees". Let me know how it goes.
  5. mattzees

    Files do not compare

    Let me clear this with my client, and I'll see about getting you some ZIPped files.
  6. mattzees

    Proactive Backup Quits

    rhwalker- Didn't mean to sound quick with you. I'm dealing with five issues at once. Three of them are Retrospect issues. Just solved one thanks to this forum. Now maybe we can solve the others. If you look two posts up... http://forums.dantz.com/showpost.php?post/103467/ ...Mayoff said that proactive backup should launch within an hour of me closing the Retrospect interface. Do you know if this is true even if my account is logged out? If not, how would I go about creating this "stub" you mentioned? BTW- You guys seem to have some clout here. Maybe the next version of Retrospect could include these features?
  7. mattzees

    Retrospect does not execute

    Uninstalling and reinstalling the Launcher service seems to have done the trick. Thanks. That was particularly troublesome.
  8. mattzees

    Proactive Backup Quits

    It seems that Retrospect works every night while my account is logged out and I'm at home sleeping. I thought that a proactive backup would work the same way, perhaps by polling for the appearance of laptops at some preset interval. Did I assume too much?
  9. I just started using Proactive backup for a couple of our new users with laptops. When I exit Retrospect (because I want to log out), it asks me if I want to stop the execution of proactive backup. There were no backups being performed at that time it asked me this. What is the point of proactive backup if it only functions when a user is logged in and running Retrospect? Furthermore, one of the things I like about Retrospect is that when I quit, it checks media for the next backup, and informs me whether it is ready or not. Now that I have configured proactive backup, it no longer does this. Whats the deal?
  10. I just upgraded one of my clients from Retrospect v6.5 to v 7.5. Much better. Except now I get 68 errors on the server every day. These errors are user files (not system files) that "do not compare." These files are usually pictures or AutoCAD documents. Why would they suddenly begin failing verification? What would cause a file to suddenly "not compare" when this wasn't happening prior to the upgrade?
  11. I am running Retrospect v7.5, but this also happened periodically with v6.5. Every now and then, Retrospect just decides that it is not going to run. It doesn't matter that executions are scheduled. It doesn't matter that everything looks good and ready to go. Retrospect decides it is not going to run. Then, when I log in and start up Retrospect to see what is going on, then it decides to execute a backup. What the hell? --Matt
  12. Is "proactive backup" part of the regular Retrospect install, or is it an add-on?
  13. Here is the deal: I just landed a new client and need to come up with a backup solution for them. They have about 12 laptops on a wireless LAN, so throughput is an issue. They all take their laptops home with them at night, and travel out of town frequently, so scheduling is also an issue. They have various makes & models of laptops running OSX 10.3, 10.4, 10.5 and Windows XP & Vista. I am setting up a server running Windows Server 2000, with Retrospect v7.5.x The question is: How do I set up Retrospect to... 1) Perform a backup whenever it has the opportunity to do so 2) Run in the background so the users can still use their laptops Do I write one script to back up all the laptops, or do I write a separate backup script for each laptop? Keeping in mind that (under these conditions) a recycle backup takes a very long time, should I do away with those and simply perform incremental backups every day? Maybe perform a recycle backup once per month? Help. --Matt